Posted by: infideltaskforce | August 21, 2013

Democrat Bob Beckel: Let’s ‘Move On’ From 9/11

Bob Beckel is the FOX News idiot. He spews liberal horse shit like a natural born left wing asshole. Problem with him is…he spews this shit with an attitude of a superior and intelligent person. -BBJ

Remember the three thousand Americans killed by radical Islamists on 9/11/2001? Well, it’s old news and we should just move on and forget it all. That is the message from Democrat strategist and Fox News contributor Bob Beckel, anyway.

“A lot of these abuses began with the Patriot Act,” Beckel said, on Fox News’ Cashin’ In for August 17. “As usual, when we have a crisis, we pass laws very quickly. And the Patriot Act, if you read it, allowed for a lot of the blanket interpretation for this stuff to happen. The Patriot Act should go away. I know you hate to hear this, but 9/11 is over a decade old. It’s time for us to move on.”

For his part, guest Jonathan Hoenig was disgusted by Beckel’s blather.

“Move on, Bob?” Hoenig said. “What about ‘Never Forget?’ I think it’s disgusting.”


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