Posted by: infideltaskforce | September 18, 2013

Soldier Attacked in Street, Told not to Act Against the Jihadists in Mali

The victim wasn’t wearing his uniform. According to this 22-year-old man, it was indeed because of his profession that he was attacked violently, however, twice, in the La Source district.

He told police that he preferred to keep quiet about his job for fear of being insulted when he went back to visit his parents, in the district of La Source. However, this soldier was violently attacked at the foot of his parents’ building on 27 August. On that day, a neighbour, knowing his profession, reproached him with “defending the interests of France in Mali”, recalls an investigator. Adding actions to words, he struck the soldier on the head with his car keys, a wound that required five stitches. The attacker also struck his own sister who tried to intervene. End of the first act.

Thursday, 2 pm. The same soldier again became the target of the same man while he was waiting patiently at a tram stop in the La Source district. Kicks, punches: the attacker is said to have threatened to kill the soldier, telling him “that he had no business intervening against the jihadists”.

This time the man was arrested by the police, in the wake of the incident. He offered a blanket denial but the CCTV of the operating company allowed the police in La Source to confirm that blows were indeed struck against the soldier.

Aged 29, born in Libya and a citizen of Chad, the attacker ended up admitting the altercation but not the circumstances in which it unfolded. According to him, it was because the soldier got a bit too close to his sister that he came to blows with him. And not for geopolitical reasons. “He disputes the version of the victims and claims it was family-related,” confirmed a source in the Orléans prosecutor’s office.

Source:  Islam vs Europe

But you know how muslims lie!!


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