Posted by: infideltaskforce | October 4, 2013

Phyllis Chesler Interviewed on FOX

Phyllis Chesler Interviewed on FOX

Young love, foolish love, love upended by reality, love remembered over time. Haven’t we all known something like this? But as one grows older, one evolves and matures—as I did. I changed. I am no longer the girl I was when I was eighteen years old.

But I am a writer and the question has now arisen: Why did I choose to continue speaking to a man who once endangered my very life? People who are close to me are asking me this very question.

My answer, in part: Is compassion (not forgiveness) the sign of maturity or is holding onto rage a principled obligation?

My tale, told in “An American Bride in Kabul: A Memoir” is not that of a victim. It is a tale of survival and about a very grand adventure.

I may be a feminist but I do not carry life-long hatred for someone who once wronged me, long ago.

One does not get to have such adventures without paying a high price.

Other travelers to the East have also risked death and considerable misery. Many have been afflicted with malaria, parasites, dysentery and hepatitis.

Some died.

Some travelers flourished and wrote about their fabulous forays, their visits to imperial harems, their desert and mountain misadventures. Such experiences are not cheap.

Read more and watch the video HERE


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