Posted by: infideltaskforce | October 28, 2013

New York Times Gives Column to Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theorist

NYT-magGlass-01The New York Times has announced an expansion of its Editorial Department’s opinion offerings, to coincide with the International Herald Tribune’s reincarnation as the International New York Times. Among the opinion contributors added to the roster is Egyptian writer Alaa Al Aswany.

A look at some of Al Aswany’s opinions raise serious question marks over his suitability to be a contributing opinion writer for a media publication that regards itself as the paper of record.

1. Conspiracy Theorist

In August 2011, Al Aswany penned a highly critical piece asking how Egypt should respond to “Israeli aggression.” With the Egyptian revolution in full swing following the ouster of President Mubarak, Al Aswany found an obvious target to blame for unrest and violence in his country. According to Al Aswany, Israel is responsible for deliberately destabilizing Egypt and, in particular, the Sinai Peninsula:

At this stage, I believe, Israel had to intervene forcefully to sabotage the revolution. It began with the sudden appearance of suspect and heavily armed groups that began to attack police stations and undermine state control in Sinai. The aim was to provide evidence of a security breakdown in Sinai, which would justify the Israeli aggression that soon followed. Israeli forces entered Egyptian territory and killed or wounded several Egyptian officers and men. The objectives of the Israeli attack are several: to test the new rulers of Egypt, to throw them off balance, to give the impression that they cannot protect the country and to thwart democratic transition. The aim could also be to draw Egypt into a reckless military confrontation that would undo the revolution completely (as Gamal Abdel Nasser was drawn into conflict in 1967).

The “act of aggression” that Al Aswany refers to was nothing of the sort. Rather, it was Israel that was the victim of a cross-border terrorist attack, during which, Egyptian soldiers were accidentally killed as the IDF pursued terrorists fleeing into Sinai. Israel apologized for this.

Despite this, Al Aswany claims the incident as an act of Israeli aggression. He goes on to ask how Egypt should respond to this, suggesting expelling the Israeli ambassador, reviewing or repealing all agreements made between Egypt and Israel, and amending the peace treaty. Most disturbingly, however, is what appears to be a call for military confrontation:

It is now our duty to support the armed forces in their confrontation with Israel.

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