Posted by: infideltaskforce | November 18, 2013

The Christian Militia has started!!

By Theodore Shoebat

A violent and reckless horde of Muslims are marching toward your neighborhood. When they arrive they will massacre your people, and ruthlessly torture you, very slowly. They will make you watch your wife being raped, and then force her to watch you die, and there is a chance that they will make her drink your blood after your terrifying death. What are you going to do?

This is the question that multitudes of Christians are faced with everyday. Here is a video of an account of an attack that took place just days ago, in which Muslims killed Christians in a school, watch and see the suffering of these saints.
This is why Christian militias have been rising in those parts of the world where the lives of the saints are sought out by the ruthless and sneaky foxes we call Muslims, who connivingly seek out the defenseless.



  1. This is no surprise muslisms kill christains everywhere they want all christains to turn muslisms. Work need to be done in the UK otherwise one day they will take over. We refer to give muslisms (who will turn against us like July 5)who can’t speak English residence permit, than christains who are well educated and speaks good queens English.

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