Posted by: infideltaskforce | December 19, 2013

Muslims Mocking the ‘Last Supper’ of Christ

Muslims Mocking the 'Last Supper' of Christ

Muslim woman by the name of Fatima Ali and her family have crossed the line of disrespect by posing in a mocking photo of the ‘Last Supper of Christ.’

Editorial Footnote: If the Christians had done a mocking photo of a Muslim sacred event, the Muslims would be in the streets right now slaughtering Christians and burning their churches. Well, more than they do on the average day anyway.



  1. If that footnote isn’t at least half joking, then you need to get out more and meet some more diverse people. If the caption isn’t at least half joking, I think you should see a professional. The world isn’t really like that, face to face, only when we are far enough away to tell these nasty and hateful stories (lies) to ourselves and each other and get away with it does it look so grim.

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