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America Is Going Muslim

America Is Going Muslim

The Islamic takeover of the US is gaining ground. America is going Muslim, and with the current policies in place, the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating top government positions and with the influx of immigration from Muslim countries, Islam will be taking over quicker than Phil Robertson can get suspended from Duck Dynasty for expressing his Christian views. It may sound far-fetched, but the rug is being pulled out from under us, and before anyone takes notice, the transformation will be complete.

There is nothing like demographic data to illustrate a point. Immigration is changing the face of the nation, and there are irrefutable statistics which prove this very point. There is US Census data which is part of the picture, but then there is the 2010 US Religion Census: Religious Congregations & Membership Study, analyzed by the Washington Post’s Niraj Chokshi in an article earlier this month.

This is the type of data that is often disregarded because any time religion comes into play, people consider it a nonfactor, insignificant or for some reason, unreliable information. However, this is a mistake. There will always be a margin for error in any study, no matter what the subject. In this case, religion plays an important role in our culture, in any culture really. It sets the stage for our behavior, as we are shaped by our beliefs and our culture. With that being said, the melting pot of the United States was always molded by the Judeo-Christian values set forth by the forefathers who built the nation. But now that melting pot is doing less melting, and the bashing of Christianity and Judaism is perpetrated by the leftist, liberal culture which has overtaken the country, while all other religions are given free rein in the name of “freedom of religion.”

This freedom of religion would be fine on two conditions: first, that the religion of the majority, the religion that founded this nation, is also allowed to exist without the shame that is being placed upon it nowadays; and second, that any religion which seeks to eliminate the rest, which seeks to conquer and destroy the nation and which is dictated by “holy” books and clerics calling for the violent acts of rape and murder in the name of their god, is not granted the same rights as the other religions. In other words, Islam, the only religion which falls into the above mentioned category, cannot be treated the same as the other religions whose adherents simply wish to be left alone to worship in peace.

Unfortunately, the opposite is happening. America is going Muslim. Sure, the South is still the Bible belt with the Southern Baptist Church maintaining its strength, and Catholicism is still prevalent throughout much of the country. However, the growing trend is secularism. Many Christians and Jews are becoming more secular, placing less importance on their religions, while the religions of the immigrants remain important. When those immigrants are Muslims, whose favorite chants at their protests against our governments are “Death to America,” “Death to Israel,” and “Death to the UK,” as they burn our flags, our lack of interest in our own religions is allowing for Islam to creep in.

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  1. Perhaps you should be more specific about what laws were voted into place in each state. Hoosiers don’t cotton to sharia of any kind as far as known or reported.

  2. oops anti legislation sorry my bad. Hoosiers are not included

    • Thanks Maggie…the map you see contains states that have approved the American Laws For American Courts. The states that have ALAC in the works are also listed. We have to get all 50 states moving to approve ALAC.

  3. it is britain that is being overun and if we dont get out of eu the great britain will be busting at the seams its not about racism its about dispair for our country is being invaided on all aspects religion has always been an excusethese people who call themselves religious they are hypocrits some may smoke and drink and rape !!!

    • Elaine
      You are absolutely correct. I pray for the British people. -BBJ

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  5. The first mistake is referring to “Islam” as a “religion.” You can label it a religion just as one can “label” cyanide an effective “sleep aid.” IsSham is the only quote “religion” which has their own Law (Sharia) which they stupidly believe is superior to the US Constitution. With Islam, one has to know its the obvious lie of an illiterate War Lord and documented pedophile. when Mohammad was 53, he took his last and 11th wife. Her name was Aisha and she was but a child aged 6. Yes, 6 years young. Help Intelligent Evolution along, read the history of IsSham and expose it for the lie it has always been. Take Jim Jones and stick him in the 7th century with no mass media to expose him and a bunch of opportunistic barbarians to gain the possessions of others by raising their sleeping villages in the dead of night…and we’d now have Jonesism as opposed to Islamism.

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