Posted by: infideltaskforce | December 31, 2013

Muslim Demand “Honor Killings” to be termed Racist!

Canadian Muslims Declare “Honor Killing” Is A Racist Term… No Seriously

Infidel Task Force DEMANDS Canadian muslims  shut their fuckin’ mouths!!

“Islamophobes” are off the hook this week. “Honor killing” is the new racist term. Canadian Muslims are fighting the use of the term for its direct implication to Islam. Enough beating around the bush, because it is undeniably specific to Islam. Political correctness has no place when dealing with this repulsive topic. But throw in the racist label and it rears its ugly head. Today, everything is racist, except Christian and Jew bashing.

In a much needed break from the absurdities in Washington, leave it to Canadian Muslims to bemoan the phrase “honor killing” as racist. Yes, the act where a woman is brutally beaten, disfigured by acid, beheaded, and stabbed to death, among other repulsive actions, due to matters relating to obedience and modesty just oozes racism.

If anyone should be upset by this, it should be Muslims themselves, specifically women. They’re the ones being subjected to this punishment by their families. Instead of howling about it as a public racial slur, they should speak out about the barbarity of the practice.

But that’s not going to happen. Canadian officials are using federal funding to investigate honor killing and this has the Canadian Muslim community up in arms. Are they just trying to fight any outside investigation into a specific act that could expose the “religion” for what it is: death, violence, and jihad? Or are they that blind to reality?

It’s unlikely that they’re not aware of the truth. But in today’s politically correct world, maintaining the facade of the religion of “religion of peace” is all that matters. Never mind the horrific brutality of honor killings and how they destroy women and entire families.

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