Posted by: infideltaskforce | January 15, 2014

“Oh what a tangled web we weave…..”

CAIR Claims There Is A Secret “Mental List” That Is Being “Used To Justify Islamophobia”…

Thanks to Weasel Zippers

“Oh what a tangled web we weave…..”

Time for some CAIR Bullshit!!

“One of the bigoted themes often promoted by the growing cottage industry of Muslim-bashers is that the increasing level of Islamophobia online and in the public arena is merely a legitimate response to the violent actions of Muslims worldwide.

These Islamophobes scour the Internet to highlight every act of violence or political instability that can be tied to Islam and Muslims.(Poor poor muslims. Us Izlamafobes are pur eevil.)

If a Muslim in a remote village in Pakistan violates Islamic beliefs by abusing his wife, we will hear about it (damn right) and about why Islam should be blamed for his actions. Reports on every crime committed by a Muslim are assigned to the faith, whether or not there is even a remote religious connection.

This leads to a collective “mental list” of outrages committed by Muslims that is used to justify Islamophobia and suspicion of Muslims.

The list grows with each new crime or act of violence committed by a Muslim anywhere in the world. […]

That is the problem with the “list,” it only grows if the perpetrator is an “Ali,” “Ahmed” or “Muhammad.” Violent acts or crimes committed by others are either ignored, attributed to the “deranged” nature of the perpetrator, or quickly forgotten.

This “list” phenomenon can be expanded to include political instability around the world.

The campaign to sever South Sudan from Sudan was portrayed as a struggle for liberation from oppressive “Muslim and Arab” rulers. We now see “liberated” South Sudanese killing each other based on having the wrong pattern of tribal scarring.

Thousands of Muslims rallying in support of democracy have been killed or injured by the forces of a military coup in Egypt, yet the world acquiesces to the slaughter.” (Yeah right)

How cute!! THIS is what Americans hear from CAIR….what CAIR does not tell the average American is what Islamists are doing around the world? Why don’t they publicize the money they fund to Hamas? OR…..maybe they feel that it is not the muslims right to stop the genocide against Christians. Or maybe all the videos put out by muslim clerics taunting , threatening and stating that Israel should be pushed to the sea, How about all the “America will fall to Islam” statements? Does CAIR comment on the slaughtering committed by their Al-Quida brothers? Does CAIR comment on the terrorist attacks on American soil since 2001? Nope…only Bullshit.

They only tell us what they think we should hear. -BBJ


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