Posted by: infideltaskforce | January 20, 2014

Islams Best Contribution

Islams Best Contribution

What have muslims contributed over the centuries?

“Well, we did invent algebra” said the muslim boy.

“Alright…..I was told that was before Islam but I’ll let you have that one. What else?” asked BBJ

“Well…uhhh…lessee, there was the …..mmmmm.”

“I can’t wait all day muzzie boy. What else?” responded BBJ starting to get a little peeved,

“I dunno….uuhhhhh…I think the PillCam?” said muzzie boy.

“No that was Israeli.”

“I’ll think of one later.” he said giving up.

“Well, I can give you another. I can tell you the greatest invention that Islam has ever created. Its called….””The Automatic Used Nail and Ball Bearing Removal System.”
….just add C4. “” So if you have the urge to blow away several of your fellow muslims, go down to Mohammeds 24 hour rental Shop and pick one up. Do it quickly. They are going fast.” said BBJ with a smile.

Islam is such a tool of the Devil.


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