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Guilty verdict in Muslim gang rape of elderly woman

Guilty verdict in Muslim gang rape of elderly woman

Colorado: Guilty verdict in Muslim gang rape of elderly woman

How they brutalized this woman. It is the work of monsters. Vicious unspeakable violence. Police called the attack “horrific” and blame Ramadon for the worst of it.

Why this elderly woman would have gone with these savages is beyond me. Perhaps to show how un-islamophobic she was. But the fact is that these crimes and Muslim gang violence against the kuffar are escalating in direct correlation to increased Muslim immigration.

Jasim Mohammed Hassin Ramadon had shoved his hand into the woman’s rectum, which caused the internal bleeding.

He said the woman’s ordeal ended only when “the unmistakable odor of feces filled the room,” prompting Mohammed to demand that she and Ramadon leave their apartment.

Ramadon as the man who brutalized the woman – inflicting an injury so severe that doctors say she could have died without medical intervention.

Ramadon was found guilty Tuesday on multiple counts of sexual assault, but innocent on one count of 1st degree assault. Innocent of 1st degree assault? How is that possible?

Ali Mohammed Hasan Al Juboori, Sarmad Fadhi Mohammed, Yasir Jabbar Jasim, Mustafa Sataar Al Feraji, and Jasim Mohammed Hassin Ramadon: Authorities said the woman suffered serious internal injuries and was taken to a hospital. Sarmad Fadhi Mohammed and Jasim Mohammed Hassin Ramadon are accused of sexual assault and being an accessory. Mustafa Sataar Al Feraji, Ali Mohammed Hasan Al Juboori, and Yasir Jabbar Jasim are accused of being accessories. (AP Photo/Colorado Springs Police Department)

Two Colorado Springs police officers described the attack in grisly detail. The victim, who awoke surrounded by blood and unable to move on the morning of July 22, was taken to the hospital with injuries that could have killed her, said officer Dedra Phillips, who was the first officer to respond to the scene.

According to the testimony of Phillips and Caro, the victim told police she became incoherent after she drank what she thought was lemonade and she didn’t wake up until the next morning. All of the men except Al Juboori were in the apartment at the time of the attack, Caro said.

While interviewed by lawyers for the defendants, Caro said that Mohammed told her that he was unaware of the severity of the attack and assumed Ramadon would be ticketed for the crime. (more here)

The victim was bleeding to death and he was unaware of the severity of the crime?

During an interview, Muhammad said that he assumed that Ramadon would be” ticketed for the crime.” Is that the penalty under Islamic law, a ticket for brutal rape? Actually in a Muslim country under sharia, she would be charged, and could only escape jail by marrying her rapist.

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  1. there is no place in the world that these animals have not invaded. the sooner they are driven back to the Islamic shit holes they belong in the better off humanity will be.

    • I agree 1000% Better yet, just kill them all, and let GOD sort them out! I see so many post about what these (I’m NOT going to call them animals, animals don’t act like that) Scum-bags doing all kinds of things that would make “Charles Mason” proud! We don’t need these kind of people(?) in our country! BUT, thanks to that POS we have in our White(?)House, they are just pouring in! Just like the mexicans! But, what can we do? Voting takes to long, we need a “fix” right now! Revolution? I think we don’t have a choice in the matter! If we don’t revolt, NOW, we may not have a country to save! A Proud White American Vet. said that!

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