Posted by: infideltaskforce | March 13, 2014

It’s time to arm the Christians.

It's time to arm the Christians.

Christians Must Become Militant If They Are To Survive
By Ted on March 12, 2014 –

If it was in my power to arrange for arms to be sent to Christians in the Middle East and Africa, I would do it in a heartbeat. -BBJ

By Theodore Shoebat

If Christians are to survive, they are going to have to become militant, rather than relying on the watered down secular Conservative Movement.

The Conservative Movement is becoming a cult. It has become a group that accepts only a number of morals from Christianity, while being either indifferent or sometimes vindictive toward the theology and spirituality of Christianity, reducing the entire system of Christ to a mere private and individual belief. Allow me to lend you an example of what I mean.

In a rally organized by the Mormon, Glenn Beck, in which Beck promoted the heresy of Universalism, numerous pastors attended as supporters of the cause for which the event stood. Of these pastors was Jerry Falwell, Jr., and when he was asked in regards to the theological differences his Faith had with Beck’s, Jerry responded with these dangerously accepted words:

Glenn Beck’s Mormon faith is irrelevant. People of all faiths, all races and all creeds spoke and attended the event. Nobody was there to endorse anyone else’s faith, but we were all there to honor our armed forces and to call the people of America to restore honor.

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