Posted by: infideltaskforce | March 17, 2014

Isolated Hamas Contemplates Returning to Iran’s Orbit

Isolated Hamas Contemplates Returning to Iran's Orbit

Two years after parting ways due to differences over the Syrian civil war, Hamas is considering Iranian enticements to return to its embrace, according to recent Israeli intelligence assessments.

In Gaza, where Hamas rose to power in 2007 through a violent coup against Fatah, Iran already has one very loyal proxy: Islamic Jihad. After Hamas, Islamic Jihad is the second largest terrorist entity in Gaza.

The 5,000-man strong Islamic Jihad answers directly to Tehran, and has relied on it for funding, arms, and training for more than two decades.

Hamas, which has 16,000 armed men in its ranks, was once firmly in Tehran’s sphere of influence as well. Then, in 2011-12, it found itself on the opposite side of Iran on the question of the Syrian conflict, which has split the Muslim world.

The civil war has caused many Sunni governments and non-state actors, Hamas among them, to turn against Iran and its war effort to rescue the Assad regime, a quest that has seen mass violence inflicted on Syria’s Sunnis. Iran, in turn, expressed its displeasure with Hamas’s failure to tow the party line, ended financial assistance, and reduced military aid.

Yet this break in relations may yet be mended.

A recently intercepted Iranian arms shipment for Gaza, carrying powerful medium-range rockets, mortars, and nearly half a million rounds of ammunition, was meant for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. But some in the Israeli defense establishment say some also was meant for Hamas, as bait to get it to rejoin Iran.

Hamas finds itself entrapped and regionally isolated in ways that seemed unimaginable a year ago. In 2013, Hamas’s sister movement in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, was in power, and the Islamist government of Turkey made supporting Hamas a centerpiece of its regional policy.

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