Posted by: infideltaskforce | March 26, 2014

Immigrants turned back by the Australian navy were filmed yelling f**k Australia, remember 9/11

Pictures of illegal immigrants worth a thousand words
A group of Muslims attempting to invade Australia but turned back by the Australian navy and were sent away in their crappy boat and were filmed yelling “fuck Australia, remember 9/11.”

This is the attitude of all these Muslims coming into our nations. They all hate us and they would all just as soon kill our Men and rape our women.

How could these 34 people from Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal — mostly Muslim countries that are neither war-torn nor famine-struck — think that threatening to kill our sailors, shouting “f—- Australia” and warning of another September 11 would make us unlock our hearts and our door?

And here is the point: how complete is the cultural disconnect between such boat people and their Australian audience that they thought their story would soften our hearts?

Here’s to all the savage muslims F**K YOU!!


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