Posted by: infideltaskforce | April 25, 2014

Saudi police refuse elderly woman’s complaint due to lack of male guardian

Saudi police refuse elderly woman’s complaint due to lack of male guardian

THIS is the Insanity of Islam!! Place the women…ALL women. Not just muslim women…ALL women…under the thumb of man.

I may not blame the police at this time. They may just be following someones orders, but if not, and it turns out they are following their shit filled Koran, then they are nothing but screwed up Islamic Ass Holes! -BBJ

An elderly woman in her 90s was left shocked when police asked her to produce a male guardian before they could accept her complaint that her son was mistreating her.

She claimed that her son was treating her badly, such as cutting the electricity from her house and locking her doors to prevent her from going out, to satisfy his wife.

She had become desperate and wanted the authorities to intervene. Head of Qunfudah police Col. Yousef al-Qanawi expressed astonishment that the woman’s complaint was not accepted and said he has commissioned the head of the criminal investigations to contact her.
The head of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Haia) in Qunfudah, Ahmad al-Shamrani, said the woman has every right to report the son’s mistreatment of her and the police should investigate the case.




  1. shut the fuck up

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