Posted by: infideltaskforce | May 1, 2014

Camels ‘almost certainly’ the source of deadly SARS-like virus spreading through Middle East

Camels 'almost certainly' the source of deadly SARS-like virus spreading through Middle East

Camels are being blamed as the source of the deadly MERS virus, a SARS-like condition which is spreading through the Middle East.

This may be due to the fact that muslim men enjoy massive sex with animals. Goats, sheep, squirrels. But most of all….camels. Muslim men love their camels. Tall, warm , furry, sexy. To be removed from their camels, such as when muslims move to another country, they miss them so fiercely that they fall into a deep depression. They get angry. They don’t want to work. They want to spread Jihad, and call it their “struggle”. They make demands of the people in their host country.
Most of all they just want to sit around, smoking and complaining and collecting welfare. When this happens, it is called: CSAD
Camel Separation Anxiety Disorder
It would be like an American man having his gun taken away. The biggest difference though, is that we still go to work. and we don’t threaten to kill.
So remember this when you see a muslim in your neighborhood. Have pity on him. Don’t yell and cause a ruckus. He is just going through his CSAD.
It takes along time to get over their camel love. Sometimes they cannot and they go out to blow themselves up and maybe take some children with them.
The one thing the Scientists haven’t figured out, is why they love the big filthy, dirty, smelly camel, but hate the little doggie to the point of torturing them.
Hmph!! Go figure. -BBJ

Researchers have warned it is not advisable to come into close contact with the animals, especially sick camels, as most are infected with the same strain of the virus as humans.

MERS, which stands for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome has already infected 345 people in Saudi Arabia since it was identified two years ago.

There has been further concern over the spread of the virus as Saudi Arabia has reported more cases over the weekend, taking the reported number of deaths to 100.

Symptoms include fever, pneumonia and sometimes kidney failure, with a third of all sufferers eventually being killed by the virus.

Yesterday, acting Saudi health minister Adel Fakieh told a news conference: ‘There has been consensus in the discussions taking place over the last two days after the scientific team reviewed various evidence that it is advised not to get into close contact with camels, especially sick camels.’

He was speaking after meeting foreign experts including those from the World Health Organisation who were invited by the government to help investigate MERS. They have also advised people not to consume raw milk or raw meat products from camels.

A countrywide survey of camels in Saudi Arabia shows many, if not most, are infected with a strain genetically almost identical to the strain that’s infecting people, a team at Columbia University, King Saud University, and the EcoHealth Alliance reported.



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