Posted by: infideltaskforce | May 9, 2014

Comcast Blocked BlazeTV To Favor Sharia Law

Comcast Blocked BlazeTV To Favor Sharia Law

Cancel your contract NOW!!! This is censorship concealed as business .

During the hearing on the Comcast-Time Warner merger, the Texas representative asked the David Cohen if the company refused to let Glenn Beck purchase Al Gore’s Current TV so that Al Jazeera America could launch on the station.

“Al Gore was pushing the sale of Current TV, and Glenn Beck, the Blaze were trying to buy it. And it was reported that Al Jazeera wanted to get their Sharia law push into the United States, and they were willing to pay big bucks, regardless of whether they had oil and carbon all over the money,” Gohmert began.

He then explained that Al Jazeera was willing to pay high dollars for the network but wouldn’t do so unless Comcast would keep them in the list of provided networks. “So it was reported Comcast agreed, so Al Gore got all that oil and carbon based money. And then, that kept Glenn Beck off the air. Of Comcast.”

Gohmert then explained that more recently Beck had been trying to purchase a different network that was $20 million in debt to Comcast, however those within the company were so strongly against Beck getting his own network that they were willing to forgo the $20 million that Beck would have paid to settle the debt just to keep The Blaze off the air.

He then read an email from someone at the network that Beck wanted to by that suggested that Comcast was trying to keep him off the air leading up to the 2014 elections.

Gohmert asked Cohen what his theory was on all of this information, to which he said he didn’t believe there was any judgment being made about Beck or The Blaze.

Cohen you’re a smart man and apparently a smart attorney. You understand the consequences of not speaking truthfully before Congress?” Gohmert asked.

“I do,” Cohen replied.


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