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Muslim Family Upset They Were Denied Their “Right” to Enter The U.S.

Muslim Family Upset They Were Denied Their “Right” to Enter The U.S.

…..the attitude of the fanatical muslim.-

A Kitchener, Ontario woman said she felt humiliated when her family was detained for approximately six hours at a U.S. border crossing and then denied entry into the United States.

A shopping trip to Lewiston, NY, was interrupted and ultimately never took place when three family members were detained and turned back. They are upset that they were never provided with an explanation as to why but wonder if it might have been their Muslim attire.

Mehdiya Hudda, 22, a Canadian citizen, was traveling with her husband, a 26-year-old native of Tanzania and her mother, Sabira, a 46-year-old Kenyan by birth who is a naturalized Canadian citizen.

She describes the incident as humiliating, degrading and unjustified.

When approached by a border agent, she details how rather than directing them to pull out of a line, he asked for the keys to their van and placed spike strips behind the rear tires.

They were instructed to leave all of their belongings in their vehicle, including wallets, purses and cellphones and led into an office.

The three were fingerprinted, photographed and held in a room for six hours. Their belongings and vehicle were searched during that time as well.

At approximately 1 am they were released but instructed to return to Canada.

Hudda was upset that she was never provided with a reason for the detention, asserting that there should be a concrete reason. The implication in that line of thinking is that entry into the United States is a right, which she is entitled to unless there is a “good reason” for it to be denied. Obviously, that is not the case.

She tells the tale of how her family was also denied entry to the U.S. in May of 2003 when they tried to attend an Islamic conference in Washington, DC. That was her last attempt to go to America, though her mother has made subsequent trips.

Hudda had hoped American attitudes would have changed in the eleven years since. She said, “This many years later and still it’s the same thing, we’re being treated like criminals. After all these years, they’ve not changed. It just boggles my mind.”

More of the story comes out as it relates to her mother and her frequent trips into the U.S. When asked how her mother paid for that travel, Hudda told the agents, “We used to take groups on religious pilgrimages to different shrines.”

Then again there could be that connection to her father, Shafiq Hudda. He’s an imam at the Islamic Humanitarian Service in her Canadian hometown of Kitchener. He has never been allowed to enter since 2003. Could be something he said.

U.S. Customs spokesperson Richard Misztal refused to comment on this case specifically, but he noted that anyone wishing to enter the U.S. bears “the burden of proof to establish that they are clearly eligible to enter the United States.

In order to demonstrate that they are admissible, the applicant must overcome ALL grounds of inadmissibility.” He went on to remark that in 2013, over 132,000 inadmissible aliens” had been prevented from entering the U.S. He added, “Inadmissibility grounds included immigration violations, criminal and national security-related reasons.”

It’s a shame that these effective enforcement techniques aren’t applied in respect to our southern border or our airports as well.





  2. good if wee keep this up then maybe these individuals will learn to integrate with the rest of us people and modernize by stop clinging to 1100 year old practice of one book, one single book, that only severs to hold these individuals in the past, thus slowing the progression of human cultural advancement by our constant need to cater to these minorities to not offend them for fear of extreme backlash, do to their inability to change or except new ideas. i would not let them cross my border and am sicked that our government has allowed them to cross ours. they should be deported to meca to fight there own battles instead of bringing them here and accusing us of discrimination any chance they get.

    • Remember to not be this guy.

  3. I have known US citizens who have attempted to go to Canada on business trips. And were turned away by Canadian border authorities because they (the Canadians) were not satisfied with the reasons / purpose of the visits.

    It works both ways.

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