Posted by: infideltaskforce | May 24, 2014

Suicide Belt Detonates At Terrorist Pre-Party – WOOHOO!!!!

GOD!! I love these videos!!! VICTORY for the Infidels!!

Who doesn’t love to watch a dose of instant karma being delivered to the very people trying to indiscriminately kill whoever doesn’t believe in their faith? Nobody at all.

In this Jihadi workplace accident video that’s exactly what we get to see. There’s a group of men who appear to be celebrating the fact they’re about to go blow something up when a massive dose of karma comes up and bites them in the ass.

The Syrian-based terror group is all sitting around singing, rifles stacked in the middle of the room in a menacing manner and their flag draped on the wall above. As their celebration continues, all of the sudden there’s a massive BOOM and the camera is shot off the screen.

Panic ensues, and the men run around like madmen screaming “Allahu akbar!”

These men are said to be a group of Takfiri terrorists, a foreign-sponsored group that’s claimed responsibility for numerous attacks across Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq.

Take that, terrorist idiots.



  1. Look at the flag. These guys are Free Syrian Army, not “Takfiri terrorists.” These are forces allied with the United States receiving aid, funding, and weapons to fight Bashar and “terrorist” groups like ISIS. Quit publishing your foolish lies, retard. Allahu Akbar!

    • uh…yeah…uh huh…..are you done?

      • A quick google search for flag images would confirm Osama’s comment. The flag definitely matches the description for the Free Syrian Army’s flag, the rebels that are fighting against the existing Syrian government.

        I’m all for mocking terrorists who blow themselves up, but maybe next time make sure that’s what you are actually posting.

      • They are Islamic terrorist. NO ONE…and I mean NO Islamic group is fighting on the side of America. Get that through your fuckin’ skulls. We have NO allies in the Islamic war.

    • As bad as Ashar is the groups fighting him are worse. even Israel knows this! If the ones who think they are fighting for the freedom others truly know around the globe, well they are being misled. The groups trying to get Bashar out are all backed by terrorist! If these fools are getting aid what can i say other than that obama is a muslim with an agenda in my opinion!

  2. Lies, wait your hole religion is nothing but a lie and a farce so who are you really……

  3. hahhahahahahahahha stupid gose fackers

  4. fuck allah and his massenger mohamed !

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