Posted by: infideltaskforce | June 6, 2014

Fun Day At The Terrorist Range Turns To Terror As Mortar Backfires WOOHOO!!!!

And another ones gone!! I just love these videos showing the incompetence of muslim fighters. With all the self explosions occurring right after they say “Allah Ackbar!!” you would think they would say…”Fuck off Allah !!” –
It’s kind of funny to watch terrorists in their propaganda films right before they’re about to take a new toy for a test run – they get all kinds of giddy. For us though the pleasure comes in the fact that these morons love to record themselves and often fully demonstrate not only their inexperience, but their incompetence as well.

This was recently the case when a group of guys got their hands on a massive mortar tube and decided to see just how she worked before taking it to the battlefield. Although how they got it is still a mystery, the tube is thought to resemble that of Israeli weaponry, although Iran is also known to make one that is quite similar, but much less high-quality.


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