Posted by: infideltaskforce | June 23, 2014

It’s My Constitutional Right to Say ‘Islam Sucks’

It’s My Constitutional Right to Say ‘Islam Sucks’

by Pete Parker on June 23, 2014

Just a friendly reminder to the horde of sycophantic, Allah a**-kissers that pollute our political landscape: It’s my constitutional right to say–”Islam sucks!”

Yep, you got it–my right to say “Islam sucks!”

Despite the endless remonstrations from such leftist windbags as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi that even the slightest critique of Islam is anathema–it is my constitutional right to say the so-called religion of peace is a POS.

It’s about time for those on the left to realize that our First Amendment right’s don’t end where Muslim sensibilities begin. Remember: The Constitution does not contain a “Don’t Hurt my Feelings” clause.

I think libertarian commentator Neal Boortz said it best when declared: “Free speech is meant to protect unpopular speech.”


And in today’s politically correct milieu (which the Left has labored feverishly to create)–calling Islam a “barbaric, misogynistic and pedophilic dogma whose founder was a rabid warmonger” certainly qualifies as “unpopular speech.”

But, in the end– who the hell cares what the Left thinks? I certainly don’t.

We the people must not allow the Obamas of the world to truncate our free speech rights in order to safeguard a religion, doctrine, or for that matter a “protected class.” By doing so we fecklessly surrender our G-d given inalienable rights.

Furthermore, I think it’s long overdue for Muslims in this country to stop whining and crying whenever an individual proffers even the slightest criticism of their so-called religion, or its prophet.

In short: Grow up.

Whether you like it or not (are you listening CAIR) I have a right to levy the most blistering and corrosive invective against you and your Koranic theology.

(A Koranic theology, by the way– that declares Jews “pigs” and Christians “infidels.”)
In the final analysis, the Constitution gives me the right to boldly, proudly and unequivocally proclaim that “Islam sucks!”

And Allah’s a** kissers be damned.




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