Posted by: infideltaskforce | July 25, 2014

Israel surprised by number, sophistication of Gaza tunnels


Photo illustrations thanks to Ronen
Re-Post from Pam Geller at  ATLAS SHRUGS 
Go to Atlas Shrugs to view some of the most spectacular photos of the Gazan tunnels.

While rockets and mortar fly through the sky in Gaza and southern Israel, the focus of the Jewish state’s military is underground, on the warren of tunnels they say allow Hamas operatives to move freely in and out of the Palestinian territory committing acts of terror.

Pictures released by the Israel Defense Forces show tunnels, some primitive and others sophisticated enough to include walls and ladders, running under the border from the Hamas-controlled district before they were intentionally destroyed. More than 60 access shafts leading to 28 tunnels have been uncovered since Israel’s ground operation — dubbed Operation Protective Edge — began on July 8.

“An IDF force uncovered a terror access shaft in Gaza in which were weapons, maps and IDF uniforms, all intended for the execution of terror attacks against Israel,” said an IDF statement. “In addition, an IDF force attacked several militants emerging from a tunnel opening in the southern Gaza Strip. Since the beginning of the ground operation more than 60 access shafts leading to some 28 tunnels have been uncovered.”


“This can be dealt with diplomatically or militarily – now it’s being done militarily with a lot of success.”

– Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said shutting down the tunnels is critical to security in Israel.

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