Posted by: infideltaskforce | October 21, 2014

Somali Women in Minnesota ‘Praying to Have Daughters’


WOW!! Now this is something we don’t hear everyday, nor expect to hear at all from imported muslims.

( – Somali women in Minnesota “are praying to have daughters” because they are afraid their sons will be recruited by terrorist groups like Al-Shabab and the Islamic State, says Bethel University Assistant Professor Jay Milbrandt,

“There is concern, I would say generally, in Minnesota. I don’t think anyone that I know of is concerned about having refugees here. I think it’s brought some interesting opportunities and some diversity, and at least in my home town, the diversity is celebrated,” Milbrandt told

“But when we see young people recruited or radicalized here, that is a concern. What’s happening? Are we missing or are we overlooking something?

”I know that speaking to my friends in the Somali community, they are scared. My friend told me that women are praying to have daughters because they’re so afraid, here in Minneapolis, they’re so afraid that they might have boys who would be targeted by this and they don’t want to bear that risk and that fear.”

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