Posted by: infideltaskforce | October 25, 2014

8/10 Muslim refugee in Sweden: The mosque is half-empty, they all went to Syria to train jihad


This story may be false, or it may be someones idea of a joke…..but what if it’s for real??

(Latest poll from Sweden puts the EU-critical, anti-immigration party Swedish Democrats at 16,7 percent – 4 percent higher than the election just one month ago. And this percentage does not include the 2-3 percent who does not dare to say that they vote SD when asked in polls).

The author, the Afghan refugee Zulmay Afzali, asks the very relevant question: How is Sweden preparing for this? Fact is, that Sweden has made extreme cuts in military to be able to afford Muslim immigration.

“Friday, 26 September, I attended the usual Friday prayers in a mosque in Norrköping. It’s a pretty small mosque with room for around hundred people. It’s usually so crowded that you stand shoulder to shoulder with your Muslim brothers when performing prayer.

This day was different. I looked around while I listened to the Khutba (Friday sermon). There were 50 people in the prayer room, most older men. I turned to my Afghan friend next to me and whispered, “It’s almost just you and me who are younger here. It seems that the younger one have stopped going to the mosque, it feels so empty.” My friend looked at me and said, “But do you not know?” “Know what?” I wondered. “Most have gone to Syria and Iraq for jihad. They have joined the Islamic State.” …

It is almost four years since I came to Sweden to seek asylum and thus protection. What I heard in the mosque made me seriously concerned about the safety of myself and the Swedes. I managed to escape from drug barons and the brutal murderers from the Taliban, but from what I heard this Friday in the half full mosque, I’m not sure how long I am safe in this country.

What happens when these warriors come back to Sweden? Men who participated in the most cruel and brutal assaults on other people, the civilians in Iraq and Syria. Could they perform jihad, also here in Sweden? I see it as an entirely feasible reality. How is Sweden preparing for this?

I became even more worried a few days later when I spoke with a man I met at the gym in NorrkÃping. He told me that jihadis, members of the Islamic State, now comes to Sweden disguised as asylum seekers. I wondered what they would gain from it. He replied: “When the time comes, they will rise up and call to jihad also here. Zulmay, you must understand that the Islamic State is not a joke, they are real. They send so-called ‘sleeper cells’ into the country and where they are building up their power.”



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