Posted by: infideltaskforce | December 11, 2014

Muslim SAVAGE sends another 160 to join jihad in Syria and Iraq

Hate preacher: Tejma would approach fathers at Friday prayers and tell them it was their duty to provide wives for fighters in Iraq and Syria, it is claimed

An alleged Islamic hate preacher has been arrested over claims he is the terror mastermind who recruited the two Austrian jihad ‘poster girls’ and more than 160 others who joined ISIS.

Samra Kesinovic, 17, and Sabina Selimovic, 16, became radicalised through the cell led by unemployed benefits claimant Ebu Tejma, 33, who lived with his pregnant wife and five children in a council flat in Vienna, Austria.

It was stuffed with jewellery, cash and savings books worth a fortune when it was stormed by Austria’s elite heavily-armed police special forces team WEGA.

The valuables had all been provided by Muslims radicalised by the preacher and his cronies in a network that reportedly extended across the country and into the rest of Europe.

His arrest has been seen as a major blow against the terrorist group’s activities.

According to security forces, Ebu Tejma, whose real name is Mirsad Omerovic, not only recruited the two girls that became the public face of jihad – but was also involved in a further 166 defections of European youngsters to fight in holy war.

It’s also claimed he raised a ‘significant’ amount of cash for terrorists.


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