Posted by: infideltaskforce | December 15, 2014

Need A Second Wife? This Site Is Providing Them “Half Price” For A Certain Religion

Need A Second Wife? This Site Is Providing Them "Half Price" For A Certain Religion

Polygamy runs deep in Islam, most notably because the prime Islamic example, Muhammad, took many wives, prepubescent girls included.

With the expansion of human rights, more importantly for women, polygamy has been ruled as an outdated practice, and a very oppressive and anti-feminist one at that.

Still, Muslim nations have refused to assimilate with the 21st century in this particular case among many. However, choosy Islamists have decided to incorporate modern technology with this medieval concept, truly extracting from the best of both worlds.

Forget about your usual dating website. One Islam-based site has taken Mohammedanism to a hip, new level, helping traditional Muslim men find the second wife of their dreams… or third. specializes in setting up potential polygamists with their next spouse. The site is aimed at English-speaking Muslims, particularly from Western countries.

How can they legally promote an action that is illegal in the Western world?

The site’s “about” page provides a sneaky clarification for legal purposes:

You must understand the legality regarding Islamic polygamy. We do not condone matrimonial polygamy or any other illegal activity

This site is targetting Muslims who are seeking an Islamic Nikah. There is to be no legal signing of a marriage certificate if you are entering into a second, third, or fourth Nikah; especially if local law forbids this. In some countries polygamy is accepted, but not all. It is your responsibility to check local law to where you reside. In countries where polygamy is illegal, Muslims who wish to practice multiple nikah may have an arrangement where all parties are in agreement about the relationships even though no official marriage is declared. Legally this would be seen as no different to one man having multiple female companions. None of these relationships are legal marriages.

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