Posted by: infideltaskforce | February 5, 2015

Militants Just Exacted Brutal Vengeance Against 250 Muslim Jihadists

One cannot rationalize with or begin to understand violent Islamists. Over 1,400 years of sadistic brainwashing has plagued the Middle East, and no amount of hospitality or reasoning can undo the radical ideology that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions over the centuries.

Fortunately, some nations have come to understand this, but is it too late?

Cameroonian and Chadian forces in Africa claim to have slaughtered over 250 Boko Haram jihadists, according to Christianity Daily.

Forces said Wednesday that they took revenge for the butchery of innocent civilians, killing around 50 Muslim insurgents at a border town between Cameroon and Nigeria.

Also, armed militants in Chad report that they have killed 200 Muslim militants, and have “completely wiped out” Boko Haram bases in Northern Nigeria on Tuesday, reports Reuters.

Chad was also able to destroy more than a dozen vehicles equipped with heavy weapons, including 100 motorcycles used by militants to terrorize local towns, The News Nigeria reports.

Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram has competed with ISIS in brutality and number of kills, but the African militaries have recently stood up to prevent more towns from being taken over.

The two countries are fed up with Islamists slitting throats, burning homes, and kidnapping youths, and they have responded with successful, strategic attacks.

The Cameroon army lost six of its men in the battle, reports Nigeria, while the Chad army only gave up nine soldiers, according to Reuters.

While the Cameroon and Chad governments’ are praise-worthy in their response to such attacks, the infiltration of Boko Haram could have been prevented. Even in African nations, political correctness strangles democracy, giving Islam a foot in the door. Now, many countries in Africa have set up patrols on their borders to prevent neighboring countries’ problems from immigrating.



  1. God bless, protect and prosper these wonderful men! Now we will see what a righteous army looks like; and we need not fear their ‘extra-curricular activities’.

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