Posted by: infideltaskforce | February 8, 2015

Two Islamic Terrorists Released From Jail EARLY Means Danger For U.S.

Two Islamic Terrorists Released From Jail EARLY Means Danger For U.S.

Despite promising the public that two well-known and dangerous Islamic extremists jailed on multiple terrorism charges would serve their full sentences, the British government has gone back on their word and released both radicals from their sentences early, after having only served half of the time handed to them.

The Daily Mirror reported that Shah Jalal Hussain and Jahanagir Alom are now free to roam London streets and get back to their terror plans to not only target residents of the U.K., but in America as well. The pair were involved in several crimes, including plotting attacks and ­fundraising for terrorism. Hussain, 32, has said he believes one particularly popular street in London — Downing Street — is a “legitimate target” for suicide attacks and that he wished he had been involved in the September 11 terror attacks in the United States.

When I heard an airplane had been flown into the Pentagon, I wished I had been the pilot,” Hussain said of his wishful involvement on 9/11.

Alom had been caught planning a terrorist attack with two others, to target the town of Wootton Basset in Wiltshire, England, which is where the bodies of deceased British soldiers are sent after having fought in the war in Afghanistan. He had also traveled to and from Pakistan to try to get terrorist training.

Hussain has been incarcerated twice for terrorism charges, each time being released early. He was freed on December 5 after having served just 18 months of his three-year sentence for disseminating terrorist material and encouraging terrorism. He ran a website showing video rants by hate clerics such as Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada. Before this recent term, the fanatic, who is married and has a young child, was convicted in 2008 of collecting money for terrorists in Iraq and was sentenced to two years. He was released early from that sentence as well, despite having encouraged terror attacks abroad and making fundraising pleas during speeches at the Regent’s Park Mosque in London.

When approached by the Sunday Mirror, both men refused to say whether they had renounced their twisted beliefs, but Hussain insisted, “I’ve done my time.”

In 2013, the British government had pledged to end automatic early release for convicted terrorists, when Tory Justice Secretary Chris Grayling insisted terrorists should serve their jail terms. “It’s outrageous that offenders who commit some truly horrific crimes in this country are automatically released from prison halfway through their sentence, regardless of their behavior, attitude and engagement in their own rehabilitation,” Grayling proclaimed. “We need to teach criminals a lesson.”

But now the British are reneging on those strong statements and everyone’s safety is at risk because of it. Even the Muslim Labor MP, Khalid Mahmood, slammed the early releases as making a mockery of the Tory terror crackdown. “By releasing these people early, they are not protecting the communities they are meant to serve,” Mahmood said. “They are putting further apprehension in the community.”

Both men are back at their East London homes and understood to be monitored by the probation service, but appear to have little restriction on their movements.

Catering to terrorist because of political correctness to protect the government from being deemed as insensitive racists should be a crime in and of itself. London in particular has a high concentration of Muslims, especially of the extreme variety and must take immediate measures to eradicate radicalism. It not only hurts the U.K., but it will effect America as well since they can freely gather and plot in England and infiltrate the U.S. to enact their terroristic plans.


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