Posted by: infideltaskforce | April 9, 2015

Bill O’Reilly: Obama More ‘Skeptical of Christians’ Than of Muslims


President Barack Obama’s comment at this week’s Easter Prayer Breakfast that some Christians are acting “less than loving” makes him appear critical of Christians, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly says.

“The fact is that all human beings fall short. We are all sinners,” O’Reilly said on Wednesday’s “The O’Reilly Factor.”

“But in the political arena, it seems like President Obama is more skeptical of Christians than he is of Muslims. That may not be true, but that’s what it feels like.”

Obama also said at the National Prayer Breakfast in February that Christians should not get on a “high horse” when discussing the wrongs of some adherents of Islam.

Many people think Obama was referring on Tuesday to the religious freedom law recently passed by the state of Indiana, O’Reilly said. Opponents of the law say it targets gay customers.

Does Mr. Obama believe that those opposed to gay marriage are biased against gays? Does he believe those who don’t want public funding for abortion are anti-women?” O’Reilly asked. “Does he believe that those who oppose the nuke deal with Iran want war? If he does not believe those things, then what’s the beef with allowing religious Americans a legal remedy to state moral objections to mandated policies?”

Obama’s liberal allies are committed to “demonizing those who oppose their vision,” O’Reilly said. “Perhaps the president might address that lack of love at his next prayer breakfast.”


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