Posted by: infideltaskforce | April 13, 2015

Isis sniper ‘shoots dead 13-year-old Palestinian girl trying to escape Syrian refugee camp’

temp4-13A 13-year-old girl has been shot dead by Isis snipers as she tried to flee a besieged refugee camp in Syria, Palestinian militants have claimed.

The child, named as Zaynab Daghastani, was reportedly killed on Tuesday outside her home in Yarmouk, which was overrun by Isis at the end of last month.

Militants entered an apartment building and apprehended the girl, Al Masdar News reported, and she was later shot dead by a sniper outside her home.

he website cited sources from Palestinian militant group Fatah Al-Intifada, which is fighting Isis alongside the Palestine Liberation Army and other armed factions, and the account could not be confirmed.

The International Business Times reported that Zaynab had been trying to escape the camp with her family, making for safety in the nearby district of Yelda.

Charity workers from the Jafra Foundation estimated that 2,500 families have fled so far to avoid street fighting and bombardment.

Militants with the so-called Islamic State have been backed by rivals Jabhat al-Nusra in efforts to control Yarmouk, which is home to around 18,000 Palestinians.

Their takeover prompted a series of air strikes by forces loyal to the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, and United Nations officials have described the humanitarian situation as “beyond inhumane”.

Isis has been accused of beheading captives and murdering and endangering the lives of civilians in Yarmouk.

Pierre Krahenbuhl, head of UN Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA, said called on all sides to respect the “beleaguered” civilians trapped inside.



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