Posted by: infideltaskforce | April 28, 2015

Rescue Team Finds Hellish Nightmare In Town Raided By Muslims

[Graphic] Rescue Team Makes It To Town Raided By Muslims, Finds Hellish Nightmare

With the infiltration of Islam, even the most colonized and progressive nation becomes a 7th century wasteland, pulled back to medieval tradition and intolerable Islamic Sharia law. However, when a search team of rescuers was finally able to enter a town recently invaded by Islamic militants, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Damasak is a Nigerian village that was recently freed from the tyrannical clutches of Boko Haram, a terrorist organization that has pledge allegiance to the Islamic State.

Attempting to assess the level of destruction, a provincial government committee raced to the area that had been under Boko Haram’s control, hoping to assist and bring aid to survivors. What they found was something out of a hellish nightmare.

According to CNN, hundreds of decomposing corpses were discovered, some in shallow graves and some lying where they fell.

“We found hundreds of dead bodies in shallow graves and on the streets of Damasak during our visit,” Damasak local government spokesman Babagana Mustapha told CNN on Monday.

“Those bodies in shallow graves have badly decomposed while those found on the streets were desiccated from [exposure to] dry ‎winds,” Mustapha added.

Not only were men who attempted to defend their families slain by Muslim soldiers, but women and children were brutally hacked to death when the group seized the area in November of last year.

“The staggering number of dead bodies found in Damasak is a testimony of the large-scale atrocity Boko Haram committed when they were in control of the town,” Kyari added.

More than 400 murdered residents were exhumed and recovered from their unofficial graves.

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  1. The religion of peace strikes again.

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