Posted by: infideltaskforce | May 15, 2015

Girl, 12, beaten by Muslim classmate, for wearing crucifix


(ANSA) Terni, May 15 – A schoolboy of African origin attacked a 12-year-old-girl at a school in central Italy because she was wearing a crucifix on a neck chain, police said Friday. The boy punched the girl violently in the back at the entrance to a middle school in the town of Terni on Thursday and the girl’s mother caught the boy, who subsequently told Carabinieri paramilitary police he attacked the girl because she was wearing a crucifix, police sources said. The boy, who first attended the school some three weeks ago, had bullied the girl over the past four days, insulting her and picking on her in other ways all because she was wearing the crucifix, the sources said. Nevertheless police stopped short of charging the boy with any offense since he is a minor, the sources said.
If I was the father….the parents would be wondering where he is right about now….


  1. Needs a good hard lesson in manners, a really good hard lesson.

  2. The boy should be charged regardless of his age and his parents should be investigated with a view to charges of inciting him to assault the girl a child that age is well able to know right from wrong, a crime has been committed and the law should be upheld otherwise the boy will think his behavior is ok.

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