Posted by: infideltaskforce | June 6, 2015

Funeral Home Just Gave Boston Muslim Terrorist One Last Middle Finger

Through the behest of the Islamic State, Usaamah Abdullah Rahim was allegedly plotting to behead free speech activist and exposer of Islamic fundamentals Pamela Geller, and like gunmen Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson, he failed at his attempted jihad, making ISIS look as ridiculous as their belief in Allah.

Unfortunately for Islamic terror, Rahim was fatally shot by police this week as he pulled out a military knife and moved aggressively towards authorities when they attempted to question him.

Since his death, a prayer service was held at the Mosque for the Praising of Allah, but not before the family’s funeral home of choice delivered a warranted slap in the face of Islam.

The Daily Mail reports that Knollwood Memorial Park funeral home in Canton, Massachusetts refused to take any part in the preparation of the Muslim terrorist’s body and burial.

“They wouldn’t take him because he was a suspected terrorist,” Abdullah Faruuq, Imam of the Mosque for Praising Allah in Roxbury, told CNN.

Not only did the funeral home boldly answer the family on their stance on Islamic terrorism, the local cemetery refused to take his body, putting Rahim’s funeral on hold.

Funeral Home Just Gave Boston Muslim Terrorist One Last Middle Finger

Fortunately for Rahim’s grieving Muslim family, another funeral home has agreed to take his body. They remain unnamed.

Ibrahim Rahim, the failed beheader’s brother, first posted to social media that police shot Usaamah in the back as he spoke on the phone with their father, but he has since recanted his statement after seeing surveillance footage of the attempted assault on officers.

However, even video proof doesn’t convince elitist Muslims of any guilt committed in the name of Allah, and Ibrahim is insistant that his brother is no terrorist.



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