Posted by: infideltaskforce | July 24, 2015

Guy Puts Something Special On All Halal Meat He Sees, Muslims Are MAD

Guy Puts Something Special On All Halal Meat He Sees, Muslims Are MAD

Sick and tired of Muslims taking over supermarkets with their special food stocked on the shelves, a man took it upon himself to let others know exactly how he felt about the matter, by literally sticking it to anyone interested in purchasing halal-approved products. His bold effort backfired on him when an Islam sympathizing judge didn’t take kindly to this man’s “Islamaphobic” behavior.

Liam Edwards of the U.K. has seen first hand the Islamic invasion that has taken over his country. He didn’t want to let another day go by without taking a stand against it, so he acted creatively. Each time he goes to the grocery store, he’s reminded of the all too prevalent part of European life that Muslims have become, with halal food occupying shelf space next to typical Western goods.

For Edwards, it’s not just about sharing space with Muslims, it’s educating others who may be less aware. By purchasing certain goods, their money is being sent directly to fund terrorism. The anti-Islam activist had stickers made, which he placed on halal food items at his local store. The message was clear on the red stickers that read, “BEWARE! Halal is barbaric and funds terrorism.” At the bottom of the warning label is “#BanHalal.”

Guy Puts Something Special On All Halal Meat He Sees, Muslims Are MAD

The 29-year-old didn’t get permission to slap these stickers on merchandise, he simply did what he had to do to get his message out to others. Now he’s being charged with a hate crime. Edwards was recently found guilty of “causing racially or religiously-aggravated criminal damage” from his February sticker ambush, the Metro reported.

But even though the $273 (£176.50) fine and a 4-week curfew has been imposed on this “criminal,” he’s not letting it hold him back from his purpose. For sake of maintaining innocent intentions of his actions, Edwards insists that the stickers were more of a warning about halal slaughter of animals, than being religiously driven.

“I’m a big animal lover, be it for racial or other purposes I believe it is wrong to treat animals in that way,” Edwards said.

Whether the tagging was for animal activism or anti-Islam, the sentiment remains true, and he shouldn’t be charged with a crime for stating the obvious. Halal slaughter is representative of the many barbaric practices within Islam, and people need to quit pretending it’s a religion of peace. It’s constantly proven otherwise.



  1. Only the one question really, Where did he get the Red ‘warning’ labels from? I quite like the idea of getting them myself.

    • He may have the capacity to print them himself. Or visit a local print shop and see what they can do.

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