Posted by: infideltaskforce | October 6, 2015

Not only crucifixes in classrooms disrespectful to Muslim believers now we bring you even piglets

Yes, you read right. This time to offend the religion of Allah is a harmless rocking who entertains the children of asylum. It happened when in Rovereto (Trento) in kindergarten via Saibanti. The game, in fact it became “guilty” of having the shape of the animal is offensive to Muslims.

A simple pig, just like the protagonists of the traditional fairy tale that gave life to the beloved cartoon Peppa Pig. Who cares if it is a structure used to games and entertainment. Many Muslim families have in fact complained and have requested removal.

The school? It has already contacted the town to solicit its practice.

The reason is simple: the religion of the prophet Mohammed that animal is impure, even if it is plastic, and children can not be contaminated.

Things of this world. Now not only the crucifixes in the classroom, the crib and Christmas get-togethers are blacklisted or abolished to avoid offending the sensibilities of those who believe in religions other than our own, but now you get to take a game because it bothers, because it represents an unclean animal.

But where we are heading if we go on like this? Rightly Muslim children should not be given pork, but also prevent it banned them as the other children to play with a plastic pig seems to me unbelievable and absurd.

We talk about integration, they make great speeches of discussion and reception. But then you go to give in to a request absurd. And the demand, at this point, it becomes taxation.

On this subject, came to the village is also the Northern League has organized a press conference in front of the kindergarten: “No to religious intolerance in kindergartens. Let the children play with maialiani “.


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