Posted by: infideltaskforce | November 9, 2015

Women cause 40% of Saudi road accidents

...and of course muslim men are never to blame. Damn those women! Damn them to hell!.

Women cause nearly 40 per cent of the road accidents in Saudi Arabia although they are not allowed to drive, a traffic police chief was quoted on Sunday as saying.

“Women are the cause of about 40 per cent of the traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia. Other main reasons are children, speeding and failure to use the seat belt,” said Colonel Bandar Al Harbi, director of the traffic department in the Northwestern Hail city.

Harbi did not make clear how women cause such accidents while they are banned from driving in the conservative Gulf Kingdom.

‘Okaz’ newspaper, which carried the report, indicated that Harbi meant they are an indirect cause including their chatting with drivers or motorists’ staring at them.

Saudi Arabia and other Gulf oil producers have one of the world’s worst traffic records, with road accidents exceeding two million in 2014, including over 600,000 in Saudi Arabia, according to police reports.


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