Posted by: infideltaskforce | December 5, 2015

Check Out Why Glenn Beck Says Obama Could Be ‘Dumbest SOB on the Planet’

In response to President Obama repeatedly calling climate change a greater threat to the United States and the world than terrorism, Glenn Beck had some unusually harsh words for the president:

“Mr. President, I say this with as much respect as you deserve, screw global warming! What the hell is wrong with you?

If you actually believe that global warming is the biggest problem we face with terror all around the world, an $18 trillion dollar debt – nine of which is yours – no real allies left that trust us, riots in the streets, riots in our university campuses, race relations worse than I’ve seen since the 1960s, and a distrust of our fellow Americans unlike anything I have ever seen, you, sir, are either delusional or you’re the dumbest son of a b**ch on the planet.

Which is it?

Because it is about Islam. So was Boston. So was Benghazi. So was Fort Hood. So was a half dozen others that you failed to address, and quite frankly, sir, so was Ahmed the Clock Kid. It was a timer and not a clock.”


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