Posted by: infideltaskforce | February 6, 2016

“The foundations of this nation have nothing to do with Islam..”

Wednesday afternoon, Rev. Franklin Graham responded to President Barack Obama’s radical mosque visit by penning a scathing rebuttal to the president’s assertion that Americans need to be more accepting of Islam.

“The foundations of this nation have nothing to do with Islam, but everything to do with the Church of Jesus Christ,” Graham wrote on Facebook. “Islam cannot save anyone from hell or open the gates of heaven.”

He added, “Only One can do that — Jesus Christ, the Son of God who paid the debt of sin for all mankind by giving His life as a sacrifice on Calvary’s cross where He suffered and died for our sins, took our sins to the grave, and on the third day God raised Him triumphantly to life.”

Graham also pointed out that Jesus is still alive, whereas the Prophet Muhammad has long been dead.

Graham wrote this toughly worded rebuke in response to Obama visiting a mosque in Baltimore with reportedties to terrorism.



  1. […] Source: “The foundations of this nation have nothing to do with Islam..” […]

  2. Islam should be stopped from spreading its fascist tendacles in America.Islam is death cult which expects all who deny Moham mad should be killed, even Islamic Allah is too inferior to the rapist prophet. Americans, your country is threatened with Islamic take over.Fight Islam to get back peaceful world



  4. “AMEN” REV. FRANKLIN GRAHAM!!!! Why are we having this religion rammed down our throats? It is a violent religion to all even from within!!!

  5. It all boils down to one thing, Obama is a Muslim had been one all his life Why he says he is a christian blows my mind. To my knowledge he has never been in a christian church in his life. Of course you must remember he lies worst than Satan. Til he leaves the White House he will come up with something to damage the Christians, Jews and Whites.

    • AMEN, JIM SULLIVAN! He should have never been allowed to stay in office this long, he is evil & should be in prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You mean he should be Destroyed by any means, Barbara S Bearden.

    • He says he is a Christian when he is practicing taqiyya. To a Muslim, this lying is allowed. Anything at all to further Islam.

    • Agreeable. Obama is never a Christian for 3-reasons based on his words and works. 1) Christians never favor killing of babies ( Abortion). 2) Christians never favor of gay marriages. 3) Christians never preach about collective salvation as he said it during the eulogy of those people that were gun down inside the church in So. Carolina.

  6. I agree with Reverand Graham.

  7. Talk about delusional. This has NOTHING to do with Obama’s relationshiop with Jesus Christ. He is not DENOUNCING Jesus Christ. He’s merely making a statement. IT’s just as simple as that. Get over yourself, Rev. Graham!

    • How can you have a relationship with Jesus Christ but do prayers to Allah? That’s a bit of a contradiction don’t you think?

    • Linda.. this has everything to do with his supposed Christian faith..he cannot serve 2 masters … one is Light (Christ).. … the other (islam)… is darkness.. 1 John 2 ;22..he is confused at best… lying under a veil of taqhyya more likely..


    • He has no relationship with Jesus Christ. The fact that he’s in a mosque and praying proves he has no relationship with Christ.

  8. I have said this even before Obama was elected that I felt that he was Anti-Christ!!! I am happy that he still has not destroyed us yet and his term will be over soon…

    • He isnt the antichrist .. he is the false antichrist

  9. That is not a surprise to me and should not be any true born american . /After he is out of office, many be surprised what we as American’s shall learn?????

  10. Good Friday … Easter Sunday, and that makes 3 days? It has always bothered me that Christians can’t even count to three.

    • Christ rose on “the third day”, not three days later! Can YOU not count to “third”? Friday was the first day, Saturday was the second, Sunday was the THIRD!! He was resurrected from the dead on the third day!! Must you who can’t count to three, huh?

  11. Islam is NOT a religion. It’s a CULT of Death, despair, and abuse! It is our Christian duty to destroy EVIL wherever it rears it’s ugly head.

  12. Everyone should read the English Noble Qur’an. AND YOU WILL HOW TERRIBLE IT IS . The ISLAM religion is the submission of all people.

  13. Well said pastor Graham… The truth has been spoken

  14. Obama WILLNTRY to declare martial law before the election…he can then become ditator andvthere will be no more elections. HE MUST BECREMOVED FROM OFFICE NOW …NEXT WEEK OR MONTH MAY BE TO LATE !!!!

    • Carole, that is what I have been afraid of. When he won a second term and pulled all those tricks, I thought he would some how change the law to allow him to run for a third term and I also expected him to start a third World War. He has achieved what he wanted. The destruction of our country. I read that Muslins are in every facet of our government and our armed services. We got what we asked for. Now maybe we can clean up TV and Hollywood.

  15. My god does not need me to jihad to protect him he could end the world with the flick of his fingers I pray for those who mock my god not declare war and hate! My god teaches me to love my enemies not kill them rape them and force them into my religion. My god forgives as so do his followers. I pray for the Muslims to see the hate and there profit is not the true God!

  16. It’s called ‘Taqiyya’, lying to further the gutter religion of the paedophile (may swine dung be upon him!).

  17. Impeach Obama, for treason to America and the Americans!

  18. There is no “radical Islam,” just Islam. True Islam is what is being followed by ISIS and has no place in a civilized, modern world.

  19. The foundation of this Nation has everything to do with choosing to worship the way you want to worship, regardless of the religion. This includes Islam. If you are not breaking our laws, you are free to worship a Coach purse, a firearm or a blade of grass. Remember, people left and came to America to get away from religious persecution by those that did not agree with their views.

  20. Muslim,s have contributed nothing to the founding of the United states . Barrack Obama is deliberately trying to create an Islamic state that has nuclear weapons . He has said so . If the MSM didn,t hide the overwhelming evidence of this he would be thrown out of office and be charged with treason . But they don,t because they are COMMUNIST just like Obama !!!! Oh I know thats ( snicker,snicker ) crazy !!
    But seriously, why has Obama never been asked about the FACT that his mother, father, and grandparents were devout marxist,s. And they had known communist ( Framk Marshal Davis ) mentor him for many years.
    Too many American,s have their heads up their asses. They care more about which celebrities are banging which than than they do about their freedom,s being taken away by tyrannical scumbags !!
    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  21. Truth is I believe most Americans don’t believe Islam belongs in America.

  22. We
    need to keep praying.Jesus Christ is the answer.

  23. Have testified all over the world while in the Navy, even chased an admiral to get his answer as to who Jesus was to him. This president has shown his true colors often enough … he is not a Christian and has far more harm than most realize.

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