Posted by: infideltaskforce | February 15, 2016

ISIS Executioner Teaches Class, Jihadists Scatter When It Starts Raining Brains

ISIS Executioner Gets Beheaded By British Sniper

Thinking it was business as usual, an ISIS executioner took aside 20 jihadists to teach them how to behead an infidel. Unfortunately for them, things took quite the turn. Out of nowhere, it started raining brains on the eager young students, causing them all to scatter.

The incident took place at a small village in northern Syria when an ISIS executioner was teaching 20 pupils how to properly decapitate prisoners. Little did anyone know, a British Special Forces (SAS) sniper was sitting pretty about 4000 feet away with a .338 rifle and a mission.

As it turns out, the sniper’s rifle was fitted with a suppressor in order to prevent any noise or flash from giving away his position. Furthermore, he had specialized bullets in his magazine that were designed to tumble as they travel to maim by ripping out more flesh as it passed through soft targets such as a human head.

With his sights about a foot to the side of the executioner’s head in order to adjust for wind, the elite sniper pulled the trigger, resulting in the round ripping through the back of the teacher’s head. According to a source who spoke with The Daily Express, “One minute he was standing there and the next his head had exploded.”

ISIS Executioner Gets Beheaded By British Sniper

In short, the executioner was effectively beheaded, resulting in his brains in the form of pink mist raining down on his pupils. “The commander remained standing upright for a couple of seconds before collapsing, and that’s when panic set in,” the source went on to say. “He was an extremely sadistic and ruthless individual, feared by the locals and the jihadis alike.”


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