Posted by: infideltaskforce | March 22, 2016

ISIS Supporters Celebrate Brussels Attack After Suicide Bombing Kills Dozens at Airport & Metro

Screenshot - 3_22_2016 , 10_39_06 AM

While the civilized world was mourning the killing of at least 34 and the injuring of 198 people, the supporters of the terrorist group ISIS were celebrating on social media.

The terrorist-supporters’ Twitter accounts will not be linked here to prevent spreading of propaganda, but the statements are listed below. The Jerusalem Post was among the first major publications to comment on the tweets.

Many pro-ISIS tweets came under the hashtag “Brussels is on fire”–an allusion to another hashtag “Paris is on fire.”

  • “F*** Belgium. Belgium wanted to bomb the Islamic state Now enjoy what your hands have sown.”
  • “A lot of duas [prayers] were answered today.”
  • “You declared war against us, and bombed us, and we attacked your home land.”
  • “What a beautiful day today.”
  • “Mosul revenge for Kufur capitol Brussels.”
  • “Expect more bombs, more death! Coming soon in Germany!”

The Internet service Telegram was reportedly used to assist in ISIS-supporter coordination, providing threats and narratives that could be used on Twitter.

A terrorism analyst cited by The Independent attributes the messages thus far to “fanboys,” and that there is no official confirmation that ISIS terrorists carried out the attack.

“Lots of fanboy noise, but no statement,” said Charlie Winters of Georgia State University on Twitter.

The rest of the world had its own reaction to the terrorist attacks, providing a contrast to the savage support for murder and suffering.



  1. As long as Islam survives there will be no let up in terror attacks on innocent people.Decimate Islam and slaughter Muslims wherever they are.That is only solution to Islamic problem

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