Posted by: infideltaskforce | April 20, 2016

Experts slam contention ‘Islam created Europe’


The German government arrests critics of Islam and even its own citizens who mock foreign Muslim heads of state.

In the Netherlands, police monitor social media for any criticism of settling Muslim refugees in the country and visit citizens to tell them to hold their tongues.

A taxpayer funded public agency in Sweden designed to promote the country’s image hands its Twitter account over to a Muslim immigrant, who taunts the country’s citizens for an entire week on their dime.

And yet Europeans are still being lectured they are not doing enough to integrate Islam and fight the supposed evils of nationalism.

Robert Kaplan, a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security and contributing editor at The Atlantic, recently argued, “Europe must now find some other way to dynamically incorporate the world of Islam without diluting its devotion to the rule-of-law based system that arose in Europe’s north, a system in which individual rights and agency are uppermost in a hierarchy of needs.”

Kaplan explained Islam actually defined Europe by giving it something to organize itself against. After Muslims were essentially able to extinguish Christianity in the Middle East and North Africa, the Mediterranean world which defined classical civilization ceased to exist. In response, the idea of “Christendom” replaced the older idea of the Roman Empire. In time, Kaplan alleges this became a vision of a European civilization which held itself to be both distinct and superior to the Muslim world.

However, Kaplan now argues Europe can no longer hold itself apart from the Muslim world.

Instead, he accuses Europe of desiring an unrealistic “cultural purity” which is “impossible in a world of increasing human interactions.”

Thus, the West, if it is not simply to be a geographic expression, must manifest “a spirit of ever more inclusive liberalism.”

In a civilizational sense, he says, something must “replace Rome” to govern vast multiethnic spaces.

Indeed, Kaplan simply takes it as a given Europe must not “retreat into nationalism” and is instead required to somehow incorporate a seemingly unlimited number of Muslims.

However, from Sweden to Italy, Britain to Belgium, no European nation has seemingly been able to successfully incorporate and assimilate a large Islamic population.

Even boasts about temporary success seem foolish in hindsight.

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