Posted by: infideltaskforce | July 23, 2016

Muslims & Liberals Irate After Fed Up Country Takes Donald Trump’s Advice



Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has announced promises to take action in ways that have liberals demanding that he be stopped. However, now that one country has decided to implement one of Trump’s “controversial” plans, Muslims and their leftist apologists are seeing their worst nightmares become a reality.

Europe has opened its borders to Islamic countries, expecting the adherents of a savage ideology and equally barbaric governance to tolerate and assimilate to Western values. When they find their new guests rejecting the most basic of human rights not typically legislated in Sharia nations, the West begins a descent into the same oppression and misogyny under the guise of multiculturalism.

Fortunately, one country has had enough of the multiculturalism that has brought their citizens nothing but rape, persecution, and economic hardship. Showing the world that Trump’s suggestions are not only possible but effective, Austria has officially adopted a monumental change amid the refugee crisis.

The Express reports that one year after Austria announced plans to literally “build a wall” to prevent illegal immigration, the European country is finally breaking ground on a massive fence to shut down its borders once and for all.

tempbAfter passing a law that will allow it to declare a state of emergency if migrant numbers rise, Austria has decided it has the right to instantly shut its borders without question. Due to the influx of asylum seekers, mainly from Islamic countries, the parliament has voted to take the precautionary measures that will immediately forestall the unending migration that threatens Austria’s culture, heritage, and security.

Die Welt broke the news on Thursday that Austria only has to finalize contracts before breaking ground on the construction. “It is ready,” a spokesman of the Police Directorate of Burgenland in Eisenstadt officially announced.

The new border fence will replace the insignificant 4km structure already in place along its Slovenian border, which hasn’t stifled illegal immigration in the least.



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