Posted by: infideltaskforce | September 5, 2016

Dozens of IS Militants, Including Commander, Killed in Mosul

Dozens of IS Militants, Including Commander, Killed in Mosul

MOSUL — Dozens of Islamic State (IS) militants, including a leading figure, were killed by an anti-IS global coalition’s aircraft and unidentified local armed men on September 3rd, in Mosul.

Ismat Rajab, a Kurdish official from Mosul, said in a statement on Saturday, that the prominent IS military commander known as Hazir Mohamed Saglawi was killed by a coalition airstrike in Mosul, northern Iraq.

He also confirmed that a veiled woman in Mosul killed five IS militants with a silent pistol, and the group has launched a search operation to find her.

Moreover, five other militants were killed in eastern Mosul by a number of unknown armed locals.

Meanwhile, IS shot 17 of its militants in Mosul on charges of escaping the battlefield during the offensive of Qayyara district in southern Mosul. The execution took place after IS Sharia curt convicted the jihadists with charges of treason.

The official added that the group has increased the concrete barriers in Mosul and has blocked the main roads, noting that only two entrances are opened for each district in the city.

Following the fall of Mosul to the IS militants in mid-2014 due to the collapse of the Iraqi army in northern Iraq, the city became the group’s main bastion in the country which it has been keeping the hold of it ever since.



  1. I love all the. Kurdish women i wish we had some of them in the usa

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