Posted by: infideltaskforce | November 3, 2016

ISIS calls on lone-wolf fanatics to MURDER YOUR NEIGHBORS

The sinister magazine is published in English, Arabic and French by the Nashir Media Foundation

A NEW edition of an ISIS hate magazine is calling upon jihadist in Europe and the United States to butcher ordinary people in revenge for their routing in Syria and Iraq.

In the murder mag called “Nashir – Now fight has come,” psycho writers appeal to Muslims living in places such as the UK to start murdering their own citizens at random.

The jihadist sympathisers are told seek revenge in the suburbs or inner cities they live in because  “brave Mosul is bleeding”.

The ranting article which is in English says: “You should stop its bleeding by carrying out exhaustion operations of the Enemy’s power and blood…cut their heads by your knives, let us hear your guns blasting their heads.

“It adds we can cut the tail of the snake but it will sooner grow again. But you have its head.”

An essay called “O thee whom Al – Adnani called thee wolves” reminds the reader that the former ISIS commander Abu Mohammad al-Adnani believed that local jihad on people’s own neighbours was as good as going to Syria or Iraq.

It comes after another ISIS linked glossy magazine called Rumiyah urged jihadists to go on a killing spree with a knife.

A disturbing article gives advice on what types of knives to use and suggest striking in secluded places after dark to avoid detection.


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