Posted by: infideltaskforce | December 9, 2016

Large numbers of migrants ditching Islam after arriving in Europe

An imam gives a sermon during Friday prayers at Stockholm's largest mosque. Around five percent of Sweden's population is now of Muslim origin

A growing number of Muslim migrants are abandoning their religion after arriving in Europe, according to reports from Sweden.

According to a report on a Kurdish news website, Iranians are the most likely to jettison their religion when they move abroad, but many Kurds – whether from Iraq, Turkey or Syria – are also turning away from Islam, as were some Arabs and Afghans.

‘Religion is normally inherited among Christians, Jews and Muslims. It is, therefore, usually not viewed as a choice. I abandoned my religion when I felt freed here,’ said a Kurdish woman living in Sweden.

The Kurdish woman told Rudaw: ‘Many people would renounce their religion if they had the freedom, which we have here. The time has come that we ourselves determine what faith to hold.’ 

Alan, a Kurd who recently obtained Finnish citizenship, said: ‘I didn’t fill out information about religion on my son’s identity card. He himself can decide what faith to hold when he turns 18 – whether he becomes a Muslim, a Christian or a disbeliever is up to him.’  

 trmp12-9 But an imam’s assistant at a mosque in Stockholm told Rudaw: ‘We have information that diaspora people abandon their religion, some of them do it for financial gains.’

Humanist organisations in Scandinavia have denied they actively try to turn people away from their religion.

Hans Enderman, a humanitarian activist, said: ‘Encouraging people to abandon their religion is not our business. However, we work on systems that restrict individual liberty and impose religion on people.’ 

Among those who commented on the report was Louie, who posted on Rudaw: ‘It would only seem natural that people who have fled Iran, Afghanistan, and more recently Syria and Iraq would question their faith where there has been so much unspeakable evil in the name of religion?’

But Nihad wrote in, responding to the comments of Alan in the story: ‘What kind father are you man shame on yourself let you kids decide their choices just wonder if you die and you join the devil in hell.’

And a social media user called Beetleking claimed: ‘They are not giving up. They are faking to be Christian so they get asylum easier. I live in Finland and we know this phenomenon.’ 


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