Posted by: infideltaskforce | December 14, 2016

SHARIA law is being enforced in the playground by Muslim schoolboys

Austrian school

SHARIA law is being enforced in the playground by Muslim schoolboys who are telling girls what is allowed even though they know little about the faith themselves, a report has revealed.

The trend has become so common that the word Haram – referring to what is banned by Sharia law – is now regularly being heard in playgrounds throughout Austria, spawning the so-called ‘generation haram’.

The shocking claim follows an investigation carried out by Austrian magazine Biber that said Muslim schoolboys are increasingly taking it upon themselves to tell girls how to behave.

The report found the boys were ruling on what was allowed (halal) and what was a sin (haram).

Haram is in effect anything that is forbidden under Sharia law – including dressing inappropriately.

Young Muslims confirm it was necessary to make sure girls did not sin, and one was quoted as saying: “If I can see a cleavage, that is haram and she has caused me to make a sin against her.” 

One boy, known as Mensur, 14, complained about a schoolgirl, identified as Merve, because her blouse was cut too low.

The report also discovered that while the young Islamic schoolboys were strictly enforcing the rules against schoolgirls, they did not follow the regulations themselves.

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