Posted by: infideltaskforce | December 24, 2016

6 Reasons Islamists Will Be Celebrating Christmas This Year

Omar Hussain urges his fellow ISIS supporters to knock out and mug drunken infidels and send the money to the front. (Photo: Video screenshot)

  After his 14-year-old sister Safaa tweeted a picture of the family’s Christmas tree, the family of well-known former One Direction singer Zayn Malik started to receive death threats from extremists accusing him of “insulting Islam.”

Malik’s father is a Muslim, while his mother was born a Christian.

“Christmas is very important to  [his mother] because she was brought up a Christian. The hate that Safaa received was just disgusting,” said a source close to the family. “How anyone can send threats to a child for posting a picture of a Christmas tree is beyond belief.”


An asylum seeker in Germany bought components for the bomb he was making with an Amazon gift card. Authorities believe Jaber al-Bakr, who was arrested by German police and later killed himself in prison, was planning to conduct a terror attack in on the Berlin airport.

Even though all the purchases were made from the same seller, German police were only alerted to al-Bakr when they received a tip from a fellow refugee from Syria who knew al-Bakr had become radicalized in Germany.


A Christmas message from notorious jihadi Omar Hussain, a former Brit fighting in Syria, urged his fellow Islamic State supporters in the UK to knock out drunken holiday revelers, steal their money and send it to the front.  (Hmmmm.”front” ? Then there really must be a war going on.)

“The time of year is coming again where getting ghaneemah [war booty] from the kuffar [non-believers] couldn’t b any easier. Christmas time the kuffar are loaded with money,” he wrote through a message app.

“Wait around the corner from a pub at night… It only takes a few punches for a drunk kafir to fall unconscious. Take a few ikhwa [brothers] with u and u can rob him of all his things. From watches, jewellery, money, phone, jacket, etc.”

Hussain also told his fellow ISIS supporters not to worry because after the attack, the victims would not have their mobile phones to call the police and anyway, they would be too drunk to remember the faces of their attackers.

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