Posted by: infideltaskforce | July 16, 2017

Facebook Says Rape Threat Against Ex-Muslim Activist Doesn’t Violate Standards


Facebook God Suckeberg was heard to yell…”GIVE ME CHRISTIAN WOMEN!! I NEED CHRISTIAN WOMEN!! ALLAH ACKYBAR!!”

…’s true.

Maryam Namazie, a political activist who frequently criticizes Islamism, received a graphic rape threat from a violent Muslim. Unfortunately, according to Facebook, the message didn’t violate any of their “specific community standards.”

I have received a lot of hate mail over the years, but this is something extraordinary. His threat is clear and specific… and disturbing. So, be warned.

This is violent and graphic, so keep that in mind.

Namazie shared some screenshots from the conversation on Twitter to protest Facebook’s censorship policies. She pointed out that pages get shut down regularly because they criticize Islam, yet the company seems not to care about graphic threats. This is something I have experienced, as well, so I’m happy people are finally paying attention to this double standard.

Most people commenting on Namazie’s Twitter thread were supportive, and many were surprised that Facebook could find this post appropriate and non-offensive. Some took the opportunity to critique the social network’s threat monitoring system.

Read More HERE


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