Posted by: infideltaskforce | July 28, 2017

The Palestinian plot to end-run Trump at the UN


The Palestinians want your money, and they’re trying to make an end run around Congress to get it.

On Friday, the United Nations General Assembly will vote on a resolution to change the way a Palestinian-centered agency is financed. For years, only a fraction of the funds for the UN Relief and Work Agency, which is dedicated exclusively to benefit Palestinians, came from UN budgets; 90 percent of the agency’s ever-growing needs were financed voluntarily by donor countries.

The resolution, sponsored by a large group of countries sympathetic to the Palestinians, will recommend “a gradual increase in the support provided to [UNRWA] from the regular budget of the UN” by next year. Plus, mandatory fees in the past could only fund the salaries of non-Palestinian workers; the new resolution removes that restriction as well.

Why are Palestinians pushing this resolution now?

One reason is their bad press is multiplying: UNRWA teachers preach anti-Israel propaganda; Hamas uses agency infirmaries and other installations to hide arms; attack tunnels are dug under Gaza schools. And they’re aware that Congress, understandably, is increasingly skeptical about this Hamas-influenced agency.

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Here’s where the money goes….

Palestinian Who Slaughtered Israeli Family to Receive $3,120/Month Reward From PA


The family of Omar al-Abed, the knife-wielding Palestinian terrorist who brutally murdered three members of the Salomon family at Shabbat dinner on Friday, will enjoy a generous payment from the Palestinian Authority (PA) for the killing of Jews.

As a result of the PA’s program to pay Palestinians who commit terror attacks—sometimes termed the “Pay-for-Slay-Program”—the al-Abed family is expected to receive a monthly lifetime salary of $3,120, Liel Leibovitz reported Sunday for Tablet Magazine. This sum is typically given to terrorists who serve 30 years or more in prison.

The Palestinian Authority “uses the money it receives from, among other sources, American tax payers to handsomely compensate the killers of Jews. Because the payment is commensurate with the length of the terrorist’s jail sentence, and because the sentence grows heftier the more Jews the terrorist kills, the al-Abeds will be richly rewarded for Omar’s murderous spree,” Leibovitz observed. “Just for comparison, an average Palestinian engineer earns about $1,300 per month.”

Another comparison…the average senior citizens Social Security payment is $1,404 per month.     (SOURCE)

Continued from above:

America, by far, is the largest contributor. In 2015, the last year listed on UNRWA’s Web site, Washington voluntarily contributed $380,593,116. Next in line, the European Commission, paid less than half of that, $136,751,943.

Palestinians stand to lose in any congressional re-evaluation of agency funding. No wonder they want countries you never heard of, rather than your representative in Congress, to decide how many of your tax dollars will go to UNRWA.

Haley has repeatedly warned the Palestinians to stop making unilateral UN moves instead of working with the Israelis. She vowed to veto any one-sided resolution against Israel. But this time, it’s US taxpayers getting cheated, and the US has no veto over the General Assembly.

“We’ll pass it,” an Arab diplomat told me this week. And they will.

Congress should fight fire with fire. If the UN wants to make an end run around them, legislators must threaten to freeze all UNRWA funds, and do so before December, when the new UN budget is finalized.

More broadly, Congress should threaten to go full John Bolton: The former US ambassador to Turtle Bay has long argued all America’s UN contributions should be voluntary, rather than having them assessed by UN budget committees.

That’ll scare them.


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