Pre-marital sex, recreational drugs, alcohol, and children attending mixed-gender schools: these are just some of the sinful temptations a Muslim group has highlighted as ‘haram’ in a modern Western city. (Well…we Americans feel that Radical Islamic terrorists, male superiority, slaughter of non-muslims and gays, rape of Christian women, marriage with 6 year olds, and the evil implemented Shariah Law are “haram” to the modern civilized world.)

The Sunni fundamentalist AlKauthar Institute outlined its views in a video which portrays the Australian city of Sydney as “Sin City galore.”

Using the Arabic word for sin ‘haram’ the video looks at the NSW state capital through the eyes of a Muslim man who can’t but help see “sin” everywhere he looks.

“You look left it’s haram. You look right it’s haram. You look ahead and it’s haram,” the video subtitles explain.  “The solution? Lower your gaze, brother. Fear Allah.” (NO!! the solution…get the Hell out of Christian countries.)

The two-minute video is designed to promote a conference in Sydney’s west, and prompts potential attendees by asking if earthly pleasures – known by the Arabic term ‘dunya’ – can be enjoyed.

The Twins of Faith conference, marketed under the hashtag ‘#halalenjoyment’, will feature burqa-wearing Muslim convert Umm Jamaal ud-Din who warned Muslim women that plucking their eyebrows is a sinful act. She made the claim in a two-hour YouTube video.

The end of the video, filmed on the streets of Australia’s largest city,  features a red Ferrari outside a mansion. Putting the car and its driver into perspective, the caption indicates Muslims are allowed to become millionaires but with certain religious pre-conditions.

“As a Muslim, you can have fun in this dunya. You can become rich,” it says.

“A halal millionaire perhaps.”  (With lotsa lotsa non-muslim women to played God with)

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Veiled Woman Assaults Shopkeeper for Selling Lingerie Near Headscarves

ban the burka

Two things come out of this.
One…Stop selling Islamic clothing. Screw them!! Let them shop somewhere else.
Two…A good reason to ban the niqab and burka. SAFETY REASON!!! Face coverings give a criminal a pass to commit a crime.

A saleswoman in a fashion boutique in Berlin was viciously assaulted by a niqab-wearing woman who objected to lingerie being displayed in the same window as Islamic headscarves.

The incident occurred in the Berlin district of Neukölln, known for its high percentage of migrant residents. The niqab-wearing woman raised her objections, but after her demands to remove the lingerie were denied, she attacked the shopkeeper, Die Welt reports.

The victim, a 40-year-old woman from an Arabic immigrant background, said she saw a tattoo on the neck of her attacker and blonde hair under the niqab. Police say the woman had entered the shop once before and insulted the saleswoman in both German and Turkish before being told to leave.

Authorities say they are considering the attack to be religiously motivated but have so far been unable to identify the woman involved as she fled the scene before police were able to arrive. Police added that the assailant left her mobile phone and a glove at the scene.

The incident is not the first time a member of the Muslim community in Germany has tried to enforce morality on business owners or residents in Berlin. According to a report from July, Muslims of Chechen origin have repeatedly tried to enforce Islamic morality in the city.

One girl who was harassed by so-called “morality police” said: “Even in a hijab, I was called a prostitute, for instance, for wearing eye makeup. And I thought: ‘Who am I trying to please?’”

In 2014, radical Islamist preacher Sven Lau created a similar organisation he dubbed the “Sharia Police”. Lau was later arrested and charged with helping radical Islamic terror groups in the Middle East by raising cash and supplies for them. He was found guilty earlier this year and sentenced to five and a half year in prison.


Fahad Qureshi, founder and leader of a controversial Islam Net organization, was already in the studio of the VGTV channel, when Norway’s Minister of Migration and Integration, Sylvi Listhaug, entered and shook hands with a male host first.

She then extended her hand to Qureshi, who instead of shaking it, handed her a bunch of flowers. The minister kept offering her hand, but the Muslim man instead put his own to his heart, while the woman’s remained suspended in the air.  (It was reported later that he was heard to say: “Get away from me you filthy female Christian bitch!!)

Qureshi has been previously involved in similar controversies in the European country. His organization, which is represented in several Norwegian cities, is mainly aimed at students to promote Islam and “solve misunderstandings” about it.

The leader of the Norwegian Progress Party is not the first woman to receive special treatment by the Sunni Muslim man. Having hundreds of members, his organization has been known for its public meetings, at which the audience is separated by gender.

The Islam Net leader has also previously expressed his support for execution of homosexuals and those who commit adultery, claiming it’s a proper punishment for both and should be carried out everywhere.

He also infamously tore up a copy of France’s Charlie Hebdo magazine after a terrorist attack on its staff, saying that while he condemns the attack, he also believes the journalists have violated freedom of speech by mocking the Prophet Muhammad. (But I can still say “Mohammed is a pedophile, killer, ADULTERER and all around asshole!!” Yeah I can still say that!!)

Recently, the issue of a man or a woman refusing to shake hands with someone of the opposite sex for religious reasons in European countries has led to several public scandals. Last year in Sweden, a school principal found it “discriminatory” that a female Muslim teacher would not want to shake hands with a male colleague. The young woman quit her job, but reported the incident to Sweden’s equality ombudsman.

In a different case in Sweden, a Muslim man working for a municipality refused to shake hands with his female colleagues, instead holding his hand to his heart when greeting them. He was fired for breaching the equality policy, but brought a lawsuit over his dismissal.

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UK: Mocking ISIS on Facebook Probed as ‘Hate Crime’…


A law student is under investigation by his university after allegedly mocking ISIS on social media and ‘putting minority students at risk and in a state of panic’.

Robbie Travers is being probed by Edinburgh University amid claims he committed a ‘hate crime’, despite no criminal investigation by the police.

The 21-year-old third-year student wrote a Facebook post after the US Air Force bombed an ISIS stronghold in Afghanistan in April.

However his comments sparked a complaint from fellow student Esme Allman, who accused him of ‘blatant Islamaphobia’.

Following the air attack in April Mr Traves wrote: ‘I’m glad we could bring these barbarians a step closer to collecting their 72 virgins’.

Ms Allman, a second-year history student, claimed Mr Travers ‘put minority students at risk and in a state of panic’ and breached the student code of conduct with his comments.

Mr Travers wrote on Facebook last night: ‘Afraid I’ve been a little more quiet as I have been accused of Islamophobia because I mocked ISIS, and I’m being investigated on such a ground by my University. 

‘Mocking ISIS allegedly made Islamic and minority students feel ‘threatened’ and ‘unsafe,’ so goes the complainant’s ramblings. 

‘Have engaged legal advice to dismiss this nonsense. Wish me luck.’

Ms Allman identifies herself online as ‘a self-proclaimed feminist and womanist from inner-city London’.

She adds: ‘I value inclusivity as well as building and preserving safe spaces for us. Creating a truly intersectional campaign is incredibly important to me and my first job will be to work alongside the other liberation groups to ensure EUSA are fully representative of our views. 

‘Here at Edinburgh I want BME Students to engage in conversations about the issues that affect us.’

Edinburgh University has been contacted for comment.

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Islamist hate preacher who called for Britain to be DESTROYED to visit UK


The UK will admit an anti-Semitic pro Islamic killer, and yet ban anti-Jihad champions like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer!! I have no sympathy for Britain today!!

Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, a former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and current Imam of the city’s Al-Aqsa Mosque, will visit Britain as part of a delegation organised by Pro-Palestinian group EuroPal, according to Jewish News Online.

 An email sent to MPs announced the details of Sabri’s visit agenda and offered meetings in parliament with the group between Monday 11 and Friday 15 September.
 Shockingly in a 2001 radio sermon he called for the destruction of Britain and the US and said: “Allah, destroy the US, its helpers and its agents. Allah, destroy Britain, its helpers and its agents. Allah, prepare those who will unite the Muslims and march in the steps of Saladin.”

Sabri has a history of anti-Semitic and terrorist-supporting views, including advocating using children for terrorist means. 

In a sermon on Palestinian television, he said: “The Muslim loves death and [strives for] martyrdom.”

In addition to calling for the destruction of America and Britain, he has said Jews are “the most cowardly creatures Allah has ever created”, adding that he is “filled with rage toward the Jews”.

Joan Ryan MP, Labour Friends of Israel chair, said she was horrified Sabri was attempting to visit parliament “given his reported views on the holocaust, terrorism and the Jewish people.”

She added: “If these reports are true, he should not be allowed into the UK, let alone into Parliament. 

“Giving a platform to those who spout hatred and violence is not the way to achieve justice and peace in the Middle East.”

A petition launched by the Christian United for Israel UK (CUFI UK) urging Home Secretary Amber Rudd to ban him from entering the UK and visiting Parliament has gathered more than 5,000 signatures.

A Home Office spokesman said: “The Home Secretary has the power to exclude an individual if she considers that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good.”

“We are clear that coming here is a privilege and this would be refused to those who seek to subvert our shared values.”

The application for a visa has not been made by Sabri, the Home Office commented.

temp 91

If we don’t think that this is exactly what is happening today then we are fools….. Truly look around and see this is where we are!

This from a man from New South Wales………..

By: Matt McCoy

12 Secret Strategies The Democrat Party Use To Gain Power & Maintain Control.

1) The Democrat Party Must… Be seen to be the supporter of minorities to Divide the community so the Democrat Party can Conquer. Create political labels that divide the community into groups or voter blocks based on. e.g. Multiculturalism, Feminism, Minorities, Race, Sexuality etc

2) The Democrat Party Must… Demonise and promote hatred towards Christians, Jews, Conservatives, White Men and make them out to be the evil, intolerant Common Enemy of their selected minority groups.

3) The Democrat Party Must… Manipulate and persuade minorities or any one of use they are mistreated, disenfranchised and even hated by the evil, intolerant Common Enemy, despite the fact it’s a complete lie.

4) The Democrat Party Must… Present its self as the great saviour and protector of these minority victim groups from the evil and intolerant Common Enemy.

5) The Democrat Party Must… Bribe and manipulate the minority’s and low information voters with welfare. Use class warfare to attack informed voters and make them out to be evil, white privileged, uncaring Rich Capitalists Pigs. Heavily tax those who will never support you to buy the votes of those who don’t know any better.

6) The Democrat Party Must… Gradually take away the personal freedoms, including freedom of speech away from the people and say its in the interest of protecting poor, vulnerable minorities and the down trodden from the evil intolerant Common Enemy.

7) The Democrat Party Must… Use Political Correctness as a weapon to Police speech, shut down debate and attack the ideas of the Common Enemy as evil and intolerant e.g. Racists, bigots, homophobe etc

8) The Democrat Party Must… Control the Mainstream Media, ensure journalists loyalty is to the Leftist Socialist Movement and The Democrat Party, ensure the media rewrite history that could hurt the Democrat Party (Marxism, Communism, Socialism etc), control the propaganda feed to the public and use the media as an army of Attack Dogs against the evil, intolerant Common Enemy.

9) The Democrat Party Must… Control the education system through the Unions, to indoctrinate the children to think like a leftist, use Nazi style strategies to Brainwash the Children to hate Capitalism and Mistrust the evil, uncaring, intolerant Common Enemy.

10) The Democrat Party Must… Paint any resistance to the Democrat Party’s left wing Socialist policies by the Common Enemy as evil and intolerance. e.g. Uncaring, Racists, Hate Speech, Angry White Man, Homophobes, Behind the times etc.

11) The Democrat Party Must… Create a population of 51% or more Minorities victim groups by Promoting Multiculturalism and Diversity to divide the people and dilute the Australian Culture. However, diversity of thought is not allowed, the party, its surrogates, supporters etc must attack diversity of thought, speech and opinion as racist, bigotry, intolerance, hate speech, climate deniers, angry white men etc.

12) The Democrat Party Must… Gain Power and Control of all levels of society by hand picking loyal Radical Leftists and put them in key positions of power in local/state/federal bureaucracies, unions, healthcare, education, media, entertainment, special interest groups and the courts system.

Did you know Hitler was a progressive Socialist???

Hitler used these very same ruthless, manipulative strategies and propaganda tactics to gain power and maintain control over the German People!!! Hitler’s Nazi Party was named (National Socialist German Workers Party)

The Democrat Party and their army of protectors / attack dogs in the Marxist Mainstream Media use these ruthless strategies to manipulate the people, gain power, protect their rigged self-serving system and shut down all opposition.

Anyone who dares speak out against these Radical leftists are to be attacked and have their credibility destroyed by the Democrat Party and their army of Attack Dogs in the Marxist Mainstream Media.

Socialism Is EVIL & The Silent Majority Must Fight Back!

The scary consequences of a state run & controlled Socialist (Brainwashing Propaganda) education system is currently on full display.

Their lack of tolerance for other people’s opinions & choices is out there for the entire world to see.

History shows us how these Brainwashed Marxist / Socialist zombies have been responsible for some of the most horrific acts against their fellow human beings in the history of the world.

In the last 100 years Socialist governments (blindly supported by their Brainwashed zombies) like Hitlers Nazi’s, USSR (The Soviet Union), China, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Cambodia, Vietnam and the list sadly goes on – are responsible for The Murder of over 100 million people, people murdered by their OWN socialist governments for daring to have a different opinion to their Socialist Masters.

The Democrat Party Mission:- Don’t let the truth, honesty, integrity, ethics or even the law stand in the way of complete power and control!!!

In short… Divide the Community, so we (The Democrat Party) can Conquer!

The War We Must Continue to Fight and The War We MUST WIN Is The War Against Toxic Socialism!

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Linda Sarsour Exploits Hurricane Harvey to Fund Islamic groups


Linda Sarsour seems unable to pass up any opportunity to make a quick buck, even at the expense of vulnerable Americans. Her latest target? Caring people all across the country who are looking for ways to help the hundreds of thousands of Texans who have lost everything as the result of Hurricane Harvey.

   Sarsour recently requested donations for the Harvey Hurricane Relief Fund, which, on its face, sounds innocuous enough. But it turns out that this fund is, in fact, a thinly veiled front for leftist community organizing. From the fund’s website:

  “Together we will organize and advocate for our devastated communities, shining a spotlight on inequalities that emerge in the restoration of lives, livelihoods, and homes, amplifying the needs of hard-hit communities, and providing legal assistance for residents wrongfully denied government support.”

This is pure political activism, not a charitable quest to assist hurricane victims as they rebuild their lives.sarsour cockroach

  It’ll reroute the money not to actual charities such as the Texas Diaper Bank or the Houston Food Bank, but instead to the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund, a nonprofit that advances racial and economic justice through community and electoral organizing.” On its Facebook page, the Project announced that all donations received “will only be used to organize in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.”

In other words, not one cent of this money will be donated to people who have lost their cars, possessions, and even their entire homes. Instead it’ll be poured straight into the pockets of activists such as Sarsour as they continue their political posturing, dividing the country over race and “inequality” in the wake of Harvey’s devastation rather than focusing on the nonpartisan goal of helping Texans restore their community.sarsour cockroach

This week, Sarsour has also actively discouraged people from donating to the Red Cross, suggesting instead that they contribute to sundry political-activist organizations. Sarsour has already shown her willingness to use disunity to turn a profit. Now we know she’s willing to exploit disaster in the same way.

Read More HERE

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Ant-Free Speech Violent Mob Attacks Trump Supporters in Berkeley


Police temporarily “detained” Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson in Berkeley, CA., Sunday after he was “chased by a mob who took swings at him and pepper sprayed him,” KCRA reported.

According San Francisco Chronicle reporter Lizzie Johnson, police say Gibson wasn’t arrested but was rescued from the violent mob:

Via the SF Chronicle:

3:03 p.m. Joey Gibson “rescued”: Police officials said the detaining of Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson was actually a “rescue.” Gibson was placed in handcuffs after being chased, hit and pepper-sprayed by a mob of black-clad demonstrators. He was not arrested or charged.

This video shot by Reveal’s Al Letson shows Joey Gibson being chased by the mob and pepper sprayed at the Berkeley protest.

Other unfortunate people were also chased down and/or beaten by the left-wing mob. One poor man had urine poured in his face.

Read More HERE


This Union Leader article is a particularly noxious example of how law enforcement authorities and the establishment media treat charges that a mosque may be teaching jihad and Islamic supremacism. As always, instead of investigating the charges and reporting on them accurately, they shoot the messenger.

“On a scale of 1 -10, with 10 being the most extreme, I rate this mosque a 10,” wrote David Gaubatz, who says he travels extensively investigating mosques. He says he visited Manchester’s Islamic center on June 30.

ISNH Chairman Mohammed Ewiess said these unsubstantiated charges are “full of lies” and have spread distrust of his community.

The Union Leader offers no details of why Gaubatz gave the mosque this rating. All it tells us is that the mosque chairman said these “unsubstantiated charges” (what were the charges?) were “full of lies” and that he claimed victim status (why? Have racist, redneck yahoos targeted his community? Probably not).

muslim mafia

The Union Leader doesn’t bother to mention, and probably didn’t bother to find out, that four separate studies since 1999 all found that 80% of U.S. mosques were teaching jihad, Islamic supremacism, and hatred and contempt for Jews and Christians. There are no countervailing studies that challenge these results. In 1998, Sheikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, a Sufi Muslim leader, visited 114 mosques in the United States. Then he gave testimony before a State Department Open Forum in January 1999, and asserted that 80% of American mosques taught the “extremist ideology.” Then there was the Center for Religious Freedom’s 2005 study, and the Mapping Sharia Project’s 2008 study. Each independently showed that upwards of 80% of mosques in America were preaching hatred of Jews and Christians and the necessity ultimately to impose Islamic rule.

In the summer of 2011 came another study showing that only 19% of mosques in U.S. don’t teach jihad violence and/or Islamic supremacism. Specifically: “A random survey of 100 representative mosques in the U.S. was conducted to measure the correlation between Sharia adherence and dogma calling for violence against non-believers. Of the 100 mosques surveyed, 51% had texts on site rated as severely advocating violence; 30% had texts rated as moderately advocating violence; and 19% had no violent texts at all. Mosques that presented as Sharia adherent were more likely to feature violence-positive texts on site than were their non-Sharia-adherent counterparts. In 84.5% of the mosques, the imam recommended studying violence-positive texts. The leadership at Sharia-adherent mosques was more likely to recommend that a worshiper study violence-positive texts than leadership at non-Sharia-adherent mosques. Fifty-eight percent of the mosques invited guest imams known to promote violent jihad. The leadership of mosques that featured violence-positive literature was more likely to invite guest imams who were known to promote violent jihad than was the leadership of mosques that did not feature violence-positive literature on mosque premises.” That means that around 1,700 mosques in the U.S. are preaching hatred of infidels and justifying violence against them.

None of that is in the Union Leader article. All we get is this:

Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard said his detective embedded in the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force has no information that corroborates Gaubatz’s claims.

“What he wrote in this piece of paper is slanderous. I do not believe the mosque is a hotbed for terrorism. I don’t trust this gentleman’s research. I think he is trying to sell a book,” Willard said.

“I think the guy is a crackpot and I don’t believe we have those issues in this city.”

So Willard invokes the FBI’s JTTF. He doesn’t mention, and probably doesn’t know, that the FBI is forbidden to study anything involving Islam in connection with terrorism, and so it wouldn’t know the danger signs to look for in a mosque even if those danger signs stabbed them with a four-foot sword while screaming “Allahu akbar.”

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DEARBORN — On August 7 and 8, Christian missionaries from California visited Hemlock Park in East Dearborn. In the span of two days, workers face-painted with children, handed out prizes and shared their faith. A number of the parents who were in the park allowed their children to venture into the event unaware of the religious preaching. Some of the parents didn’t know what their kids were engaged in due to the language barrier.

“According to our corporation counsel, it “appears to be legal” to engage in the noted activities under the First Amendment in the park, ” Police Chief Ron Haddad told The AANews.

On video obtained by The AANews, which was filmed by Heather Faye and Christy Lynn on Aug. 8, a preacher appears to be proselytizing Christianity to the Dearborn youths. The missionary workers came from all different places, but most were from California, according to one of the missionary workers, Jessica Cserhalmi.

The worrisome thing, Lynn told the Detroit Free Press, is that the missionaries weren’t really approaching the parents.

“They were approaching the children,” she said.

…the missionary workers enticed the youth with a henna party, candy and other treats, then preached to the children about Jesus.

“[Hemlock] is a public park and so parents need to be aware of what is happening around them, watch their kids and be present for such moments as this,” said Stephen Coats, who wrote that he has lived in Dearborn since 2001.

“Don’t be the victim, get smart, keep to your own and don’t wait around for Allah to make a decision,” Ayad Succar wrote. “Make it yourself, know what the person with a loudspeaker is saying to your child, know your environment.”

Read More HERE

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